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How to Deal with Being Taken for Granted

Deal with Being Taken for Granted

It’s been once said that being taken for g  ranted can be a compliment. It indicates that you’ve become a comfortable, trusted element in another person’s life. So, if you’re feeling like you are being taken for granted then take this quote as your inspiration. However, excess of everything is bad and if you are being taken for granted at all times it may hurt you a lot.

Most importantly when friends and family decide to take

Ask yourself – do you really want to change your image just because you are taken for granted? It’s your decision because a lot of people take it in their stride, but few think that they have the right to mold themselves as per their choice. Sometimes people need to feel loved rather than being taken for granted.

So how can you change this situation? First of all, you must analyze the condition due to which you are being taken for granted –

How will you understand whether you are being taken for granted or not?

  • When people are not willing to provide help to you in your time of need even though you’ve always been friendly and kind towards them
  • When you have not been favoured by any of your friends and family members
  • When nobody listens to your dilemma even though you’ve been cooperative to others and have lent an ear to their problems
  • When you don’t receive so much as a “Thank you” for your efforts
  • When you are expected to do more and more without being appreciated for your contribution
  • When you are ignored and not loved
  • When you are assumed to be always ready at people’s service and any negligence from your side is considered to be a personal insult
  • When people conveniently forget to mention important things to you
  • When people don’t even care what your needs are and what you want unless you are required by them for some sort of work

If any three of the things mentioned above are happening in your life, then you must now make a move to be heard by everyone and paid attention to.

What you need to do so that you are not taken for granted

  • Not to panic and assume things – There are many possibilities that may get you to react and act in a nutty way on being taken for granted every time. This may worsen the situation and you may lose your dear and near ones. So try not to panic and presume things on your own, rather analyze the situation and act accordingly.
  • Raise your voice about the issue – Raising your voice does not mean that you need to increase your volume or blame someone for your situation. It means talking about the issue with someone mature and understanding. Do not keep mum, as relationships may become weak if you keep things to yourself and get frustrated on the inside.
  • Don’t be nice every time – Let people know your emotions. You are a human being after all and can also feel bad. You need to be loved and cared for. Let everyone know about your needs so that they respect your emotions and do not take you for granted.
  • No comprise with self-esteem – You have some amount of self-respect that should not be demeaned at any cost or by anyone. If you think that being nice involves degrading your image, then stop being like this. You have many options in life other than this.
  • Try to say ‘No’ at times – It may be hard for you, but try it once and soon you’ll learn how to not let people take advantage of your soft and helping nature. People take you for granted only when you give them a chance to do so. So steal that chance away from them and see the change that follows.
  • Identify your intention – Do you help people because it’s in your nature or you want some kind of appreciation and admiration? If only helping is your motive, then it helps if people understand that well.
  • Behave properly if you want a good behavior in return – If you are blaming people around you for taking you as granted, then you must first look at yourself. It may be possible that you had taken a person for granted in past or may be doing it presently, therefore, you are being neglected as well. It is as the saying goes – ‘You’ll reap what you sow’. So try to improve yourself, if you wish to be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

However, even after taking all sorts of precautions and steps to avoid being taken for granted, if you are still feeling overlooked, then do not be disheartened. There are some situations which are beyond our control or understanding and we often take them as an insult to us, but it may just be our illusion and nothing else. In this busy world where people do not get time enough for themselves, how do you expect to focus all their attention towards you? So be sure to take every circumstance as it comes along your way and stay happy and cool.


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