How to deal with a compulsive liar?

Compulsive liars: who are they?

People lie sometimes for many reasons but there are some people who are chronic liars or you can also address them as compulsive liars. Compulsive liars are basically people who lie all the time as if they have a habit of lying to people around them. The people who are chronic liars might lie regarding small matters or they can twist the details of important matters as well. A habitual liar sometimes tells a lie just for the sake of having fun and for entirely no reason. We all will agree to the fact that we all tell lies at some point or another in our lives but compulsive liars are entirely different set of people as they do it as a regular bad habit.


Lying is obviously a bad thing but habitual liars have an all different perspective as they tell lies without any hesitation and consider telling lies the way of life. Almost everyone has to deal with one or more such compulsive liars in their day to day life and let’s face it that dealing with such people is like facing hard times. If you happen to know a person who is a chronic liar and are looking for some help in order to handle him then we are here as your support system. We will discuss certain tips that will help you in tackling such compulsive liars around you.


Compulsive liars: difficult but not impossible to handle

Dealing with habitual liars in indeed a very tough thing to do but if you know some tips then it is not impossible as well. A habitual liar will obviously never admit that he just told a lie and if you confront him then he might end up telling you another fake story to cover the previous one. Just like you face difficulty in handling habitual liars in the same way chronic liars face trouble in facing truth. Let us now focus on some tips to handle such habitual liars.

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  • Whenever you plan to confront a chronic liar then you must plan ahead and think what you will chat to the person. The best thing to do and remember is to be gentle and polite in your behavior towards that person because that might extend more leverage to your words to the person and he might listen to it with more concentration. If you shout and scream at him then he will definitely not listen or understand your words at all and the situation might take a wrong turn.
  • When you are talking to that person try and explain to him the consequences people or you had to face due to his lies. While explaining and talking to a habitual liar you must talk about his lies and make him realize that you know when he is telling a lie. Facing their own lies will help them realize the importance of truth and the wrong effects of telling a lie.
  • Patience is the key to help people who are compulsive liars as they did not become what they are in one day and they will not be cured in the blink of an eye. If you really look forward to helping a chronic liar in leaving the habit to lie then the one thing that you will need the most is patience.
  • Recommend some professional help to the person as compulsive lying is a kind of disorder that can be treated with proper care and therapy. You will have to convince that person and let him know his or her problem and the consequences that he or she might face due to their habit like the people around them might get distanced and stop trusting them completely. The fear of losing the important people in their life might trigger their need to get professional help and leave the habit of lying.


All these tips that we discussed above are helpful only when the person who is a habitual liar seeks help and really wishes to get cured. If that person is happy with what he is and is willing to face the outcomes of his habit then there is nothing that can be done for him. But is that compulsive liar seriously wishes to not be what he is then you must leave no stone unturned to help him or her. A chronic liar is someone who is suffering from a disorder that makes them lie all the time at office as well as at home. If you follow the above mentioned steps then it will become easier for you to handle such compulsive liars around you at home or at work and also extend them a helping hand if they wish to be helped.

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