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How to deal with dry hair

Dry hair is a very common problem faced by many women. The reasons can be many, including hormone fluctuations. But, there are some simple and effective things that can be done to prevent dryness of the hair. Read on to know some tips to deal with dry hair.

Restoring pH balance

Dry hair has lost its pH balance which needs to be restored in the first place. For this, you can use a natural conditioner like vinegar. Vinegar restores the pH balance and removes the dryness that has set in. Massage vinegar into your scalp for about 10 minutes. The acidic solution will help in removing all the chemicals, dust, grime, and the dry flakes that are present on the scalp, leaving your hair luscious and clean. Vinegar rinse can be undertaken at least once or twice a week for maintaining the luster, pH, and all round cleanliness of your hair. As dry hair is also the perfect condition for dandruff to set in, vinegar rinse will help in keeping the dandruff too at bay.

Oil massage with virgin coconut oil

The goodness of coconut oil for hair care has been known and explored for centuries. Virgin coconut oil has many hair nourishing, strengthening, and growing properties. A massage with coconut oil is all that you need for keeping your hair strong, lustrous, well nourished, and free from dryness. Coconut oil massage can immediately restore your hair from dryness and prevent dullness and brittle hair. Take some virgin coconut oil and warm it in the microwave. Dip your fingers into the oil and massage into the scalp, applying pressure on the scalp so that the oil is absorbed into the scalp adequately. Massage for at least fifteen minutes, taking care to cover the hair as well as the split ends due to dryness. Leave the oil on the head for an hour so that the hair is soaked in nutrients. After an hour, wash off with a mild shampoo. Continue this treatment thrice a week to remove all the dryness and maintain its shine and silky feel.

Deep nourishing treatment

To add more moisture and nourishment to your hair along with oil massage, you can use herbal treatments like oatmeal which is rich in vitamin E, fatty avocados, honey which is a natural moisturizer and humectant, banana paste, etc. You may use any of these or a mixture of all these and apply on the scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off. This treatment can be undertaken once a week for perfect shine and luster along with great shining hair that is very smooth and free from dryness. Deep nourishing will give your hair all the extra nourishment required for maintenance of the hair and prevent dryness from setting in again.

Imparting shine and lustre

Dull and lifeless hair is a heartache for all women. If you can stand the smell of egg, a mixture of egg and olive oil can be used on your hair and scalp to prevent dryness and also to provide extra conditioning, luster, and softness to your hair. Egg contains protein that is essential for hair health and nourishment, and adding olive oil to the egg will help in sealing the moisture and nourishment that has strengthened the hair and impart moisture to it. Take two or three eggs depending on the length of your hair and beat well until frothy. Add three to four tablespoons of warm olive oil to this and beat well again. Dip your fingers into this potent potion and massage into your scalp and hair, covering all the hair and scalp. Take a thick towel and warm it under a steam. Cover your head with this towel and allow the nourishing action to set in for an hour. Wash your head thoroughly and use apple cider vinegar for the final wash to remove the smell and also to add more luster to the hair strands. Do this once a week for keeping dryness away.

Henna treatment

Henna is a wonderful treatment for all round hair health and also for treating dry hair. Regular henna treatment can leave the hair well moisturized and free from fungal infections. Take about three tablespoon of henna or more according to the length of your hair and mix with tea liquor. Take some fresh yogurt and mix all of these together. Allow it to remain overnight and in the morning you can apply on your hair. Let it stay for 2-3 hours after which you can wash it off with a mild herbal shampoo. Do this once in a week to prevent dryness of hair.

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