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How to deal with anger and resentment


The feelings of anger and resentment is quite normal for human beings. But, their effects might bring enormous losses in terms of money, health and relationships. One can easily overcome this treacherous behavior if he/she knows how to manage such situations. If you are unaware about it, take a glimpse at the techniques mentioned below.

Have a cool attitude

You may have a number of valid reasons for your angry behavior at any particular instant. If you try to express them towards someone or something, obviously, you would lose control over yourselves. When you are angry, tension builds up in your body. It tries to escape out through your reactions and expressions. But, if you let those negative feelings escape out in any form, definitely, you will regret it in the future. The feelings of anger makes your mind go blank. You won’t have sufficient time to think about the situation and find solutions to avert your anger. The worst fact is that it will take only a fraction of second to change your happy mood into an angry one. On the contrary, you can also reverse the mood in the same speed if you possess a cool attitude. Whatever happens, stay calm and never let anyone know about your resentment.

Divert your attention

Changing your attention towards the solution will help you to get rid of your anger. Whenever a problem arises, concentrate on how to solve it, instead of wondering about how it has come to you. Have a mindset to accept others’ mistakes as well as yours. Never blame anyone else for your anger. In reality, you are the reason for your anger, even if it is caused by someone else. Because, you have let your anger to take control of you. That’s why you must know how to manage your anger during stressful and irritating situations. If you can’t find ways to focus on the solutions positively, then don’t hesitate to divert your attention on a completely different subject. Think about how happily you will be spending time with your family on a vacation in the next week or similar situations that would bring you joy instantly.

Practice meditation

Meditation is an exceptional habit that would definitely help you to stay calm and focus on your positive qualities. The practice of meditation will let you discover yourself from a different perspective. It rejuvenates you and makes you explore the true purpose of life. In fact, it allows you to know more about yourselves by getting close to your inner feelings. Some people regard meditation as a divine practice. However, you can explore your own point of views by practicing it. There are a number of ways to learn meditation if you are a beginner. Join a meditation class if it’s available in your area, or take a look at the youtube videos about meditation and practice it. Initially, you will find it quite difficult to follow. Never give up until you learn the art of meditation. Once you learn it, you will realize the joy of inner peace and fulfillment in life.

Boost your positivity

The power of positivity is prodigious. Anger and resentment not only leads you into shameful situations, but also increases your negativity. Mistakes and problems happen everywhere. But, some people resolve them happily without getting angry on others or themselves. Possessing a positive attitude will let people to manage any kind of situations easily. It doesn’t mean that they don’t feel angry. But, they don’t express their anger towards others in any form. In fact, positivity helps oneself to focus only on the benefits of critical circumstances. As a result, negative emotions like fear, anger and resentment will disappear with time. Literally, anybody can become positive irrespective of place, time and manner.

Forgive and forget

At some instants, you might have expressed your anger towards others. You may regret it after some time. Nothing will happen even if you feel sorry for your behavior in the past. Just accept that you have made a mistake and assure yourselves that you won’t make it again. Even if someone or something else is the reason for your angry attitude, just forgive them. Forgiveness is a divine quality that takes human beings close to God. If some incidents had brought you difficulties in life, just forget those moments and let go. There are a lot of reasons to feel good. Think about them and move on with your present goals in life. As you practice these basic techniques in life, you will discover your own ways of dealing with anger and resentment. Have a blissful life!

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