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Guide to why success and achievement bring happiness in life

success and achievement bring happiness in life

What is life to you? If you think about what your memorable moments in life are till now, or the times when you have really felt the supreme sense of achievement, you are bound to get the answer. The answer to what makes you happy or rather what gives you the sense of achievement. Let us know of it in detail and how to achieve it.

Sense of achievement is very important in life. While instances of being happy gives you a sudden rush of inner peace and thanksgiving to the world and makes life enjoyable, it is the moments of achievements that keeps you going. It provides you the rush of blood that gives you newer energy to move on, to look forward to things. And this sense of achievement always leads to inner happiness within. So it is of paramount importance that one analyzes what gives him/her the sense of achievement in life since it is different for different individuals.

Guide to why success and achievement bring happiness in life

  1. What exactly is the sense of Achievement?

  2. So What Makes You Happy?

  3. How To Achieve Success And Happiness In Life?

  4. How to Stay healthy?

    5. How to Be Positive and Stay positive?

    6.How to be grateful for everything?

How to respect others

  1. How to control the finances?

  2. How Important is Setting Up the Goals to Attain a Happy and Peaceful Life?

  3. How having a definite path settles the inner turmoil?

  4. How do your goals define your success?

  5. Is satisfaction the end of the desire to achieve?

What exactly is the sense of Achievement?

office politics against you

For each one of us, our happiest and memorable moments are the ones when we feel the unexplainable feeling of winning, the raw sense of achievement, the adrenaline rush of being proud of ourselves and our achievement. Think about it, the cricket match where you scored a century and won, the bully you fought in class and managed to break a few bones of, when you ranked first in class, when you got the better of the girl who dared to ditch you, when you gave back an instant sarcastic retort to a stupid comment made by an equally stupid relative, when you gave it back to the office colleague who was resorting to office politics against you, and the list goes on.

How many times do you keep repeating such incidences with pride to your closest friends or family members and feel that sense of achievement within, an unexplainable feeling of happiness over and over again?

And this is just for all the usual normal people. What then about the ones who are inherently a little revolting in nature? The rebels that you meet in life? For them it is definitely all about the battles and nothing else. Their entire life is all about the different battles they fought and how they won it. Starting from revolting against their parent’s strict house rules during childhood, to breaking college norms to the general societal norms existing for marriage, children, work and the usual living of life, the rebels take pride in breaking it all.

Their most memorable moments are the ones where they have shocked traditional people with their words or antics. The incredible high that one feels in doing that, a feeling that nobody can explain. A feeling that would be relished and enjoyed by thinking about it over and over again. A feeling of happiness sourced from standing up to fight and winning the battle.

So What Makes You Happy?

winning battle

If you were to analyze your own source of happiness from the above, whether you are inherently a rebel or not, it is plain and simple. Winning battles make you happy. Whatever battle it is and for whoever concerned. It is when you get the feeling that you have done something, is when you usually feel worthwhile and hence happy, isn’t it?

But Stop. Pause. Think about it coolly and rationally. True that this gives you a sense of achievement but does it really make you happy? Or are you just fooling yourself, believing that it makes you happy? Take a step back and think level-headedly.

After all, life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It’s not winning battles that makes you happy, but it’s how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction.

Does the wisdom of the above words strike you? Always remember that there are always two battles to fight to any given situation in life. One external and one internal. Once smaller and easier and one bigger and tougher. You fight either one of them. If you choose the easier battle you lose the other one!

So, haven’t you being choosing all the battles that are smaller and easier to fight? Think about it. What you are essentially doing is conveniently fighting the easy battle out and letting yourself belief that you have won it! You know this deep down in your heart but you choose not to see. Look inside and analyze. The true sense of achievement, the inner peace that you have fought the bigger battle and got the better of life is what can give you true happiness and inner peace.

The bigger battle is always about not giving in to your instincts, taking a step back, taking a rational decision and forcing yourself to look towards the better direction of things. The bigger battle in life is always about being wise and matured. So ask yourself, have you won the bigger battle or not?

When a colleague resorts to office politics against you, your easier battle is to resort to equal or worse politics against him to get revenge and your bigger battle lies in turning away from the seemingly easy and attractive path towards a better direction – The direction of proving to all only through performance and hard work without going down to your colleague’s level and resorting to similar negative activities. This is the true battle which you have to win in order to find real true happiness and inner peace.

Try it and see. The feeling of taking the right decision to remain righteous and ethical in your thoughts and deeds, even in the face of adversity, the decision to look away and do what is for the best for all concerned, including yourself would give you so much inner sense of achievement, happiness, inner peace and fulfillment, that it is unfathomable and unimaginable. One’s sense of achievement and happiness should generate from wisdom within, when you achieve what others can’t, when you achieve this true bigger battle in life.

How To Achieve Success And Happiness In Life?

losing happiness in their life

With the passage of time, people are vigorously participating in the race of life so that they can become successful. However, in the due course, they are losing happiness in their life, which is a very important and essential factor of life. It is necessary to balance your life in such a way by which you can achieve happiness and success both. You get the real sense of achievement.

People are adopting different methods and strategies so that they can get both happiness and success to have a wonderful life about which they can feel proud. There are people who will be giving different definitions about happiness and success as they can say that they would be happy and successful when they will have immense amount of capital by which they can buy luxurious things.

It is a well-known fact that happiness and success go together hand in hand. If you are interested in knowing how to achieve both success and happiness in life, then you have to follow some the golden rules of life mentioned below:

How to Stay healthy?

Stay healthy

For staying happy and successful, it is important for you to have an exercise regime. Induce a healthy standard of living in your life so that you can achieve your goals with ease. Staying healthy will help you to get rid of stress, which can act as a encumbrance in the way of your success and happiness.

How to Be Positive and Stay positive?

If you are having a positive stance towards your life and work, then you will surely achieve happiness and success in your life. Having a positive attitude towards life will assist you in achieving your goals in the best possible manner. You should always avoid those people who give you negative vibes. It would be better for you if you utilize your energy in a positive direction.

How to be grateful for everything?


Every small thing in life is important and can bring success and happiness in your life. Always remember that there are people across the globe not having the facilities, which you are having. You should always be grateful towards things, which you have in life, as they are capable of bringing success and happiness in your life. Be grateful to your family and friends and most importantly to god for giving you the chance of being successful and happy in life.

How to respect others:

Far most important thing in life is to respect others. You must not forget that there are people in your life who have brought success and happiness in your life. You should always respect those people, as their blessings would take you to new heights of success and happiness. 

How to control the finances?

Control the finances

Happiness and success is not just about money, but you have to manage your capital in the best possible manner so that you do not land up in any debt. Staying away from debt living your life in what you have will automatically bring in success and happiness in your life.

Inculcating these rules in your life would not give you success and happiness at an instance, but it would surely help you in the end. Be positive and stay focused on what you desire in your life. Do not run after your goals, but instead take small and careful steps to achieve them. Once you start this way, you will indisputably get both success and happiness in your life.

How Important is Setting Up the Goals to Attain a Happy and Peaceful Life?

Setting Up the Goals

Have you ever thought of waking up in the morning with no plans for the day at all or simply going for sleep without thinking about the next day? You would probably not even be able to have a peaceful sleep if you simply do not know what you would do next.

There have been moments in life when you might have felt that you do not know the direction you should choose to move ahead in your life and that particular dilemma is certainly the hardest to cope up with. Just imagine your life without the words, rather feelings like “success” and “smile” being part of it? It would be horrendous like hell to lead such a life that has no meaning and hence no roller coaster experiences. Life would simply seem ‘lifeless’ with no aspiration in it.

How having a definite path settles the inner turmoil?

choose right path

Uncertainty in life is one enough reason to start the inner fight for you. However, ambiguity rises only when you know what you exactly ‘want’ in life but have you ever thought that if not knowing what ‘will’ happen can make you awake during nights then how much affect not having the slightest clue of what you ‘wish’ to happen would have on you?

It would actually make your life appear like a “blank paper”, the aggravated part being that you would not know that what you want to write or what should be written in that blank life.

With a goal in life, you would actually be able to ease down the mayhem going inside you to a huge extent as at least then you would know the ‘right’ path you need to follow. Even if reaching the end would remain tentative, having a journey ‘to look forward to’ can always give a new hope with the ‘peace of mind’!

How do your goals define your success?

Your goals define your success

We all wish to be successful in life but have you ever thought that what the actual definition of word ‘success’ is? However, it is never the same for any two people living in this universe. For one, the word triumph could be associated with the maintenance of bonds with family and friends while for the other, it could simply mean some materialistic achievement. Whatever it might mean for ‘you’, it provides that push to life and a person would certainly do everything possible for his species to achieve the success for himself.

In the absence of goals from life, you might start feeling as if you are not capable place to do anything in life at the first that could cost you your inner confidence. On the contrary, with ‘purpose’ comes the enthusiasm to achieve the reward which follows the path that one executes to reach the destination leading to offering the feelings of self-contentment and ‘true happiness’ to every soul!

Forget about having an aimless life, even a single voyage without directions could make any being lose balance and feel worried about not be able to find a proper way to ride on. Give yourself a ‘reason’ to live because reaching the end of your life journey with a thought of having ‘survived’ instead of having ‘lived’ it is certainly not the way you are deemed to spend your lifetime!

Is satisfaction the end of the desire to achieve?


Alright, this sounds pretty complex itself. But we shall decipher each emotion to come to the answer of this difficult sounding question. The inter relationships along with the interdependence of the core aspect of satisfaction, desire and achievement shall answer the complexity of this question. Taking the first aspect of satisfaction we see that satisfaction is nothing but the gratification of the wish or desire.

Implying, thus that satisfaction depends fulfillment of wishes and desires. Secondly, desire is nothing but a wish to achieve, buy or possess something. We already have explained what the last aspect achievement is the dependent factor, which is dependent on satisfaction and desire.

Humans desire many things, starting from basic necessities to luxury. Satisfaction is a relief of desire. Things are achievable whereas some aren’t. The whole subject of economics and machinery of entire economies is based on wants and desires to be fulfilled. And this continuity expresses a very important aspect of the desire that desire never ends and of this is true that also means the want for satisfaction and achievement will not end. This is a vicious circle of wants that won’t end. Thus we have our answer here before hand that satisfaction is not the end of desire of achievement.

To be an achiever is everyone’s dream. Who actually does achieve what all they wanted is not our topic of discussion for the moment. The solace is achieving all ones desires will never end his desire to achieve. This is because human beings are greedy people. They want more with more they get. Satisfaction can get addictive. Ok let me give you a simple example, does a smoker stop among after one drag, doesn’t he more with the more satisfaction he derives? Thats the same thing with things in life the more humans get the more they desire. Think about your own life and you will see it by yourself. Today you got your favorite phone as a gift or maybe you bought it out. Does that mean the next time you will not want to buy a better updated version of the same gifted or bought a phone? Well, the answer is no. You would want more. Human beings are materialistic, they desire the more tangible and hence the more satisfying. The complexity of this question can be answered in many ways, let’s try some more.

We could always think that it is the satisfaction of the desire to achieve that makes a person want more. This circle can completed from any side. Either from the left or right. Thus the conclusion that we derive from this entire discussion drives us to the yes satisfaction of desire to achieve success. One causes the other and the chain seems to continue. Entire economies and countries function on this basic premise of wants. Looking at it either spiritually or materially the conclusion is the same. Desire and it’s satisfaction are the core constituents, call it food for the soul!

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