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deal with a backstabber

How to deal with a backstabber

They may claim to be your best friends in front of you but the moment your back is turned they will be waiting with a dagger in their hands. In a selfish world where money and power are everything, we run into backstabbers at every nook and corner therefo

disciplined learning environment helps

How to deal with discipline

A disciplined learning environment helps students and teachers alike. However, classroom discipline often causes consternation and fear in new students. Keeping such considerations in mind, here are few tips to help you deal with

snobby male

How to deal with snobby people

Snobs have no dearth of tools to degrade you. Making them aware of their hurting behavior is one step in dealing with them; but more than often your efforts may fail to deliver, prompting you to dissociate from the company. Here are some helpful tips to a

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