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How to deal with a backstabber

deal with a backstabber

They may claim to be your best friends in front of you but the moment your back is turned they will be waiting with a dagger in their hands. In a selfish world where money and power are everything, we run into backstabbers at every nook and corner therefore we must be armed to deal with them in the right manner. Here are some ways to deal with a backstabber.

Trusting instincts

If there is a little voice inside you telling you that this particular individual seems a little dodgy, listen to that voice! Our instincts are the best judges of people’s character. Learn to trust them and follow them. Ninety nine times out of hundred, your instincts will prove to be correct. And as we all know, prevention is better than cure.

Stay away from them

There is one thing in common between all backstabbers – they want something from you. They will also suck up to you or try to sell some idea desperately to you. It maybe just for a cheap thrill or something else. Therefore it is best for you to stay away from them. Notice how they show signs of indolence and irresponsibility. They will do anything to pass off your hard work as theirs so keep your eyes and ears open.

Listen in

If you’ve heard some bad stuff about someone from one of your good/old friends, pay heed. There must be a genuine reason why that individual is disliked by people. Trust your real friends as they are here to help you. He/she must have some dirt on the person which you don’t. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Ask why he or she is disliked or spoken about in a poor light. Also, see how they react to things close to your heart. For example, if you respect a particular religion and they know about it but yet poke fun, you should know that it’s time to move away from them.

Don’t rely on them

Don’t rely on a backstabber for anything. They are just looking for blind spots and weaknesses that they can exploit. They won’t hesitate for even a second to puncture your happiness. You must take extra care to avoid situations where you owe him or her a favor. If a person does something which raises a red flag, immediately start to maintain your distance. Keep away from them and limit all communication. Eventually they will get fed up and move on to someone else.

Don’t try to be an avenger

When a backstabber has got to you, dont try to be heroic and aim for revenge. You might end up hurting a lot of people in the process. The best revenge here would be to not react at all. Don’t stoop down to their level and spread a bad word about them. Especially to his or her friends as they might be spies or worse, bigger backstabbers. Smile and move on. Just continue to live life the way you used to- on your terms. Hang out with your true friends and show them how they haven’t been able to affect you at all.

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