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How to deal with sibling rivalry

How to deal with little brothers

Younger brothers can make life difficult and often make you feel on the edge of desperation or despondency or both together. But here are ways that will help you to deal with your super energetic sibling effectively and with great results.

routine work can creep in apathy into any relationship

How to deal with apathy

A routine work can creep in apathy into any relationship. Things tend to get worse when one of the partner is lethargic while the other keeps wondering about the reasons behind the apathetic attitude of his or her partner. It is therefore necessary t

deal with a backstabber

How to deal with a backstabber

They may claim to be your best friends in front of you but the moment your back is turned they will be waiting with a dagger in their hands. In a selfish world where money and power are everything, we run into backstabbers at every nook and corner therefo

deal with adultery

How to deal with adultery

Adultery can really be an appalling monster for all those who have to cope with it. It very often means enduring feelings of hopelessness and apprehension for the cheated and demeaned partners. However dealing with adultery in a productive manner is quite


How to deal with a sister

Having a sister is a boon for many. You get to share your feelings, go out with them and even have a shoulder to cry upon. However, for many their sisters are nothing more than a dictator, who terrorizes them. For such individuals, knowing how to deal wit

Homeless man

How to deal with needy people

It is really important to help people in need and this is actually the original human nature. However, in today’s busy schedule and hectic life, it becomes really difficult to help the needy ones around and pay complete attention towards them.


How to deal with stubborn parents

Parents form the most important part of one’s life. They deserve to be respected, loved and should be taken care of. Some of the parents are however stubborn and need to be dealt with a lot of patience and respect. Read on to know how to deal with such

deal with abusive parents

How to deal with abusive parents

There are difficult parents who show lack of concern for their child and cause emotional, physical and verbal abuse making the life of their offspring miserable. Dealing with abusive parents can be stressful and damaging and if you are stuck with these ki


How to deal with jealous women friends

You chose to be friends with her, knowing unknowing the fact that she is jealous, insecure and can even create problem sometimes. The first honest step towards friendship is taken but the second honest step is to stick to the first step which can be reall

child mostly spits to show his disregard

How to deal with spitting

A child mostly spits to show his disregard for something or to get a reaction from adults. This is a habit which can cause many problems for your child, especially at later stages. So, it becomes very important to take effective measures to make your chil

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