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How to deal with cowlicks

How to deal with cowlicks

A cowlick is the part of the hair that stands out among your hair and does not settle down even after you try many times. This happens when hair grows in a spiral fashion. A cowlick gives a bad look to your visage, and, in some cases, make you appear to be balding, even if that is not the case. A cowlick prevents you from having a perfect hairstyle, thus affecting the overall look and synchronization. Cowlicks are stubborn and uncontrollable, and, so, dealing with them is quite difficult. Following are some of the ways you can deal with cowlicks.

Talk to your hairstylist about different styles

Talk to your hairstylist

The best counselor to any hair-related problem is a hairstylist. He/she is experienced with various types of hair he/she has to deal with every day, and cowlicks are no isolated cases. To deal with cowlicks, you can have a word with your hairstylist about this and seek his/her advice. If there is no way out of it except for permanent measures, you can ask for different hairstyles that can keep cowlicks in check or in harmony with the rest of your hair.

Such hairstyles can help you reduce the emphasis of cowlicks. You can go for layers which will reduce the impact of cowlicks to a great extent while giving you a good hairstyle to go with. Women with cowlicks can also go for parting their hair on the opposite side if the cowlicks are in the front. You can also go for bangs, but this style suits only selective people. You can also go for styles that add weight on the cowlicks, subsequently flattening them out.

Use pomade, grease or hair-gel to deal with cowlicks

If you are deft with gels and grease and your hair is not facing any sort of disease or allergies, you can consider pomade or gel. You can go for hard gels to flatten the cowlicks out for a maximum 24 hours, as long as you are not subjected to blasts of air or water. You can go for innovative hairstyles that will lessen the emphasis of the cowlicks, and, in some cases, can make good use of them as well. Or, you can refer to websites, fashion magazines, and manuals to get an idea about hairstyles you can go in for. While going for gels, though, you should make yourself clear about the health status of your hair from a dermatologist, as in some cases, grease and pomade can inflict non-reversible damage to your hair.

Use hairdryer or hot iron

Young woman drying hair

You can go for a hairdryer or hot iron. They will help you straighten the cowlick for a long time and generate a better hairstyle. You can also use a hot curling iron to develop curls in your hair. As cowlicks are abnormal hair-growths, they stand out in the form of straight hair. However, if your hair is curled, these cowlicks lose their emphasis, thus giving you a more synchronized and beautiful hairstyle to go with. It is preferable that you go to a salon to have this done, as sometimes, this technique may go awry, leading to the development of more cowlicks.

Wear your hair shorter

This is the best way to deal with a cowlick, especially when it is formed in the back. Long hair emphasizes the existence of a cowlick, thus making it look more ugly on you. Cowlicks also happen when the hair has grown too long to maintain a specific direction of growth. so, if you want to deal with cowlicks, you can go for shorter haircuts. This will remove the cowlicks for a long time. This method may help in preventing the development of more cowlicks, but it is not the method to eradicate them once and for all. If you are content with keeping your hair short or avoiding them, this is the best and cheapest solution.

Go for permanent solutions

Go for permanent solutions

If you are fed up with your cowlicks or you have them in a place that makes dealing with them difficult, you can go for a permanent solution. This solution may be costly and painful, but it will help you get rid of cowlicks permanently. You can go in for waxing or electrolysis hair-removal. These techniques remove the cowlicks from the place, and, when practiced for some time, they let softer, healthier hair to grow from the scalp, removing any chance of occurrence of another cowlick. However, this method is unhealthy and risky. So, avoid it as much as possible.  Seek the advice of a dermatologist or a hairdresser before opting for this option.

Before you go

Here is the thing. Cowlicks are most likely a product of frizzy, unmanageable hair. If you are struggling to tame your frizzy locks, read below to find out ways to deal with it easily.

How to deal with frizzy hair

How to deal with frizzy hair

Handling frizzy hair is extremely challenging, especially during summer, as constant humidity tends to make the hair unmanageable and look more abruptly disarranged. Nevertheless, through various beauty products and methods, you can instantly achieve the sleekness in your frizzy hair. Here are some beauty tips to help you with your unmanageable, frizzy hair.

Deep condition your hair after shampoo

Every time you shampoo your hair, make sure to condition your hair from its root. Proper conditioning will not only help control the frizziness, but it will also induce more vitality and shine in your hair. Always use deep conditioners instead of normal hair conditioners for better result. Whenever deep-conditioning, leave it on your hair for at least 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. You can also use an anti-frizz serum to style your damp hair.

Wear a scarf or use an umbrella

use an umbrella

Cutting short the exposure of sunlight on your hair can help you from getting your hair dry and damaged. The best way to avoid sunlight and moisture is to cover your head with the help of a scarf or an umbrella or a cap. It’s the best stylish way to refrain from heat exposure, however, be sure to take off your scarf or hat often to avoid sweating, for sweating can also lead to frizzy hair.

Avoid any chemical treatment to your hair

Treating your hair with chemicals like hair color or permanent dye will develop frizziness. Hair coloring, straightening or waving can cause considerable damage to the texture of hair and may result in dry hair, split ends and weak roots. Moreover, vigorously toweling your hair or using a dry blower can also harm your hair to the hilt. Instead, wrap your hair in a slightly warm towel for 10-12 minutes for quick drying.

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