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Rural Tourism Guide

Definition of rural tourism and relevant terms

Rural tourism may be defined as tourist activities taking place in rural areas, generating a steady source of income to the rural people through the arrangement of specific holiday activities drawing attraction of tourists from far and near. The definition of rural tourism can be extended to eco-tourism and agro tourism, which are also fast gaining pace to uplift the ...

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Why rural tourism matters?

Rural tourism often does not get the desired attention due to the roaring business of popular holiday planners and trip advisors, coming out with attractive travel deals every season in order to rope in more urban travelers. The importance of rural tourism cannot be ignored if viewed in a broader perspective that not only provides an alternate way of healthy ...

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Best practices to be implemented in rural tourism

Although rural tourism has a huge potential in forming an integral part of the tourism industry in the developed and developing countries, there are certain practices that need to be implemented and followed strictly to maintain the sustainability of this particular domain of tourism. Failure to implement the best practices will only result in huge capital loss with zero returns. ...

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Which countries are promoting rural tourism?

The potentiality of rural tourism is best utilized in countries enriched with natural picturesque landscapes with a standard rural population in order to support the basic infrastructure essential for this mode of tourism. Rural tourism is being promoted globally irrespective of the economic status of the nations. Tapping the rural tourism market through proper planning and management generates an alternate ...

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What is rural tourism?

Rural tourism is a unique concept in the modern day tourism that focuses solely in participating in the rural life style. It can be termed as an alternate of agro tourism, a concept aimed in uplifting the rural areas inviting a higher inflow of tourists and nature freaks. Now-a-days, the concept of tourism is not restricted only within popular tourist ...

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Activities while on rural tourism

With lush green landscapes presenting stunning features along with bright climatic conditions, rural tourism has lots to offer. Frankly speaking, no other tourism destination can offer such exciting outdoor activities than the rural destinations where the tourists have many options to choose from.  Holidaying in a rural destination does not solely mean lazing indoors as nature with its bountiful attractions ...

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Do’s and Don’ts while on rural tourism

While you are contemplating an exciting activity packed rural tourism and making necessary preparations, a thorough knowledge of customs and traditions of the particular rural destination is essential especially if you are venturing into foreign soil. You need to be aware of the mindset of the locals which will enable you to enjoy a trouble free vacation. Rural people are ...

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What are the essential components of rural tourism?

Though promoting rural tourism has a far reaching impact in the economical growth of a country along with the boosting of tourism industry, there are certain components based on which this mode of tourism can be implemented in a full fledged manner. Rural tourism must be promoted without tampering its natural components in the name of infrastructure development. There are ...

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