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You are the key to your own happiness


Happiness-a word that holds a very deep meaning – is one of the most essential things in our lives. We do different things to make ourselves happy. But there is a vast difference between being happy from outside and the happiness you feel within yourself. Amongst our commitments, responsibilities, and work lives, we barely have time for ourselves. Because of this, we often feel a void inside. What we often forget is – the key to your own happiness lies in taking out time for yourself.

Running the chase only leads to disappointments

Running the chase only leads to disappointmentsHave you ever felt a lonely even in the midst of a crowd? Do you give a cold reaction even when something good happens? Are you constantly looking out for happiness?

If the answers to the above question are a YES – then it is a clear indication that you are unhappy from within. People who are happy from inside will automatically feel happy when good things come their way. The fact of the matter is that when you are in the quest to understand how to remain happy, you have to understand that happiness lies inside of you.

No amount of materialistic things can make you happy for a long time. These are just temporary forms of happiness, which a person buys for himself/herself. The key to your own happiness is not by pursuing them, it is from the feeling that you get from within yourself.

Studies reveal that most people are unhappy

most people are unhappyAs per a recent study conducted by a team of researchers from Canada’s University of Toronto Scarborough and Rutgers University in the US,people who are constantly in the pursuit for happiness are the unhappy ones.

One of the main highlights of this study directly points out to the lives we lead presently.  Because we are so busy trying to pursue happiness; we often do not have time for ourselves. Through this study, we clearly understand that our perception of time is influenced by the state of being happy.  This is one of the main reasons why many people are still trying to find the answer to the question – how to be happy?

So how did they come to this conclusion?

hold-the-key-to-your-own-happinessIn order to understand how you hold the key to your own happiness, let us look at the study in brief. The team of researchers conducted four different studies by making small groups of people. The first set of participants was asked to make a list of things that they felt would make them happy.  The second set of participants was asked to write down the goals that made them happy. A few participants were also asked about what they felt was happiness when it came to watching a movie or doing any other such activity.

The conclusion of the study

lack-of-timeThese studies indicated that one of the main reasons why many people are unhappy is because of the lack of time. The element of time scarcity can influence your thought; this in turn makes you feel unhappy. To be in charge of your own happiness,you should not think about time. Instead, focus more on what makes you happy rather than how to be happy.

The key to your own happiness lies in your hands

When you run a race, all you can think about is getting from Point A to Point B. Even in life, most of us only think about how we can make our lives comfortable. The race of life in today’s time has made humans very robotic.

Look at your life today. As an adult, most of the time we are only shuffling between work and home. Moreover, we continue to work even when we are at home. Experts have pointed out that the balancing act between our personal and professional life has reduced drastically. If you want to know how to remain happy, you have to first bring in a balance between your personal and professional life.

We often forget the small things

moments that you share with your loved onesIt takes small drops of water to make an ocean – We have all heard this but have misinterpreted the meaning of it. The key to your own happiness does not lie in the bank or social status. It is in fact the small special moments that you share with your loved ones.

Money, property, social standing are all materialistic things that come and go. Over time, they increase and decrease depending on various factors. No doubt, even to enjoy a nice quite dinner with your spouse does cost you a bomb, but there are other ways you can enjoy yourself without having to spend money.

Happiness likes in the way you look at things

You-are-the-key-to-your-own-happiness The key element of how to be happy is no rocket science. Living each moment, spending quality time with your loved ones, and being content with what you have are things that no amount of money can buy. The key to your own happiness is to understand that your perception of happiness can influence your life drastically.

If you want to be in charge of your own happiness, you have to change the way you look at things. The minute you start to look at things from a broader prospective, you will find and understand what happiness is all about.

Having bad days is also a key to your own happiness

bad-days-of-lifeWhen we go through a bad patch or have a bad day, we are influenced by the negativity immediately. What we often forget is that these days are not bad or negative in any way. In fact, if we read between the lines, these days actually help us to find ourselves.

The main thing that you should keep in mind on how to remain happy and reduce stress at home is that when you go through a bad phase, learn from it. Instead of letting it pull you down, consider such a time as a way to boost you up. You will automatically see a change in the way your life goes.

YOU are the key to your own happiness

YOU are the key to your own happinessOn a final note, just remember that your happiness lies in your hands. It is not in things that are materialistic. True happiness is a state of being that comes from within us. True happiness is permanent in our lives in the form of memories. Cherishing small things, changing the way you look at things, and being happy with what you have can in fact help you be more happy than you can ever imagine.

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