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Formulate your personal action plan to achieve goals

personal action plan to achieve goals

You must be having some goals in life which you want to achieve. Pursuing these goals may seem like a dream to you. Either you work for someone and someday plan to have your own business. Or else you’re working for yourself, but till now you may have met some of your goals, and gone way off the mark on others. Change this win some lose some situation to a win win situation. Yes, it’s possible. You just have to work out the perfect action plan to achieve goals. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

 Best action plan to achieve goals 

Why make an action plan?

action planLet’sstart with the basics – why do you need an action plan? Experts suggest action plan to achieve goals exampleis because it can provide you with some control over the outcomes. It gives you confidence which can propel you to go forward and overcome the challenges on the way. Every entrepreneur faces his own particular problems,but if you have an action plan in place, you can definitely meet your goals.

Set specific goals

To see your goals become a reality, you have to follow your action plan. The first step to create an action plan to achieve goals is to set specific goals which do not have an ounce of ambiguity. Your goals should be such that they do not give you any loopholes or chance for excuses. A smart goal action plan example is to fix the exact amount of money you want to earn in a month, if your goal is to earn money for instance.

This will provide clarity as well as let you know how close or off the mark you are. You have to put down your goal as $15,000 every month, for example. If you know the exact amount of money for your goal, it’s a measurable goal, which is not vague. Also, you have a deadline in which to achieve it.

Your goal should be within your reach

goal should be within your reac

Choose a figure of money which is possible to earn and is realistic. A major part of action plan to achieve goals is to set a goal which is attainable. Do not set such a high figure let you get frustrated if you fail to make that amount of money. Your goal should also fit in with your plan of life. If you want to earn good money and enjoy a healthy, fit life, then you have to keep an eye on your work-life balance from the beginning itself. The right foundation will lead you slowly but steadily to success, and you’ll be a happier, healthier person.

Set mini milestones

A smart goal action plan exampleis to set mini milestones. These milestones have to be such that they encourage you to work consistently on your plan. You can see the results and this will motivate you to work harder. For an effective action plan to achieve goals, if say, your target is $15,000 – then for the first month, set it as $3,000. Break it down so that you would know whether you’re on the right track or not, when you earn that money or not.

Similarly, a personal action plan exampleis to create a goal for 3 months, which could be $5,000 every month. Achieving the smaller targets will motivate you to achieve the bigger goal. You’d know how to go about it also, and how much effort you’d have to put in.

Set goals according to your capability

Set goalsYour action plan to achieve goals has to be within your skillset. The knowledge, skills, and experience plays a major role in your plan of action. You have to ask yourself whether your skills are up to the goals you have set. You must be comfortable with your action plan. This includes the realization that you may first have to hone your skills to achieve what you want to.

Your action plan has to also align with your belief system, personal standards, and values. Otherwise, you will have to force yourself to follow through with your plan.If you’re comfortable with your action plan, then it won’t feel as if you’re working and you’ll achieve your goals sooner. In fact, wasn’t this the idea in the first place – to earn money doing something you love, or something which comes naturally to you? You can’t ‘wing-it’ to success!

Decide what you have to do to follow through

In this step, you must plan out the things you have to do. An action plan to achieve goals example, using the money example, is, in order to make $5,000 in three months, how many clients you would need. And to reach your ultimate goal of $15,000, you’ll know how many customers you need.

Plan an action for every day

Plan an action for every dayBe clear on your action plan to achieve goals.What do you have to do every day to fulfill your goal?If you have to talk to 10 people to guarantee 2 sales, you have to perform some actions to find those 10 people. Sometimes, out of 100 leads, you may be able to find only 10 people. So you have to plan how to find the 100 people.

One of the things you have to do is keep a record of all leads, all the people you contacted, and all the people you sold to. Providing excellent products and services will ensure that you will build a loyal customer base. Happy clients will refer you to new prospects too.

Schedule your actions

You must have a list of tasks which have to be completed every day. Your daily plan of action will help you a lot, especially if you’re working part time at your new business. It is quite a challenge to start something new, and it’s a great help if you know how to maximize your time.

Be positive

Be positiveDo all your daily tasks as this will keep you motivated. Your sense of accomplishment will help to keep on going. Evaluate yourself and tweak your plan if you feel you will get better results.

Have faith in yourself. Believing in yourself will help to overcome all obstacles. Setting measurable mini targets and an effective action plan will propel you to achieve the ultimate goal.

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