What others think has nothing to do with your life and its happiness

If you are always worried about what others think about you then you can never be happy in life. Such thoughts not only keep you from giving your best but also affect your confidence in long term. If you believe in keeping everyone happy then you must know it is an ideal situation, which never really exists. However, if you keep yourself aware of your abilities you can easily overcome such thoughts and live a happy life.

Do their opinions really matter?

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No one really has time to make a judgment on your ways of life. Each one has his/her own demons to deal with, which keep them preoccupied almost all the time. Even if someone makes a negative comment, it does not make a difference to you unless you start giving it importance.

All think the same way

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The way you worry about what others think of you is the reason, which troubles them too. It is quite strange and funny that the moment you struggle what other people might be thinking about you, others worry about themselves. The truth of the matter is that those who doubt their own ways of life do not qualify to make a comment on yours.

No one knows everything about you


When you make a comparison with others you hardly consider each aspect of their lives and a comparison like that can never give you a fair judgment. To your amazement, this happens when others form an opinion about you. They either make assumptions or use half information to come to conclusion. Reacting to one such assumption or feeling bad makes no sense at all.

No one can hurt you unless you allow

No one can hurt you

People may say things against you or even judge you in a wrong manner but they can never hurt you. If you take things to heart, you allow them to do so. Your loved ones and family members suggest you ways to rectify your life but then again they always have a logical reason behind it.

You can’t have control over things

mind your own business

What others think or say is a reflection of their own thoughts. This can never have an influence over you if you mind your own business without keeping their opinion in consideration. It is true that you cannot have a control over what other say or do, no matter how hard you try. You must focus on your own life instead of trying to control uncontrollable.

Be confident of what you are


You may not be the best among all but you sure are not the worst. Try your level best to make best use of your abilities and be confident of what you really are. Nothing matters really, when you are well aware of your strengths and do not let others take control of your life. Work on your abilities and skills to keep yourself ahead of all but never let negativity affect you in anyway.

Do not overthink or over analyze

Do not overthink

When you over think you start giving importance to things that do not matter really. It is good to analyze or plan your actions but when you overdo things it start affecting your actions as well as your state of mind. Even if something is not important, you start giving it importance by thinking over it repeatedly. Thoughts shape your personality, feed positive thoughts to your brain.

No one can control you happiness and positive state of mind unless you entertain negative thoughts. Stop worrying about what others think or say about you. It helps you develop and maintain healthier relationships around you.

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