Ways of making a man fall in love with you

Falling in love is mostly a mutual social responsibility where both partners feel attraction towards each other. Mostly, it’s the man that falls for the woman first and with a few steps initiated by the man the two will be bonded together. This is not always the case. Occasionally a lady falls for a man who has no clue about it or does not feel the same way. Here are some things the woman might try to get the attention of the man:

Give genuine smile

A genuine and a well-timed smile is all it takes to ignite the candle. You do not smile anyhow; find a thing or a reason to smile about. At the right time, give a genuine, well spread over your face smile and accompany it with a very good eye contact. The game begins!

Be attractive

Pay a lot of attention to how you look. Keep your hair neat and well styled, apply just enough make ups- don’t overdo, brush your teeth and regularly wash your laundry and utensils. Use mild fragrances and make effort to look and smell good all the time.

Be yourself, keep cool and focus on your life

You do not have to beg on your knees to make him see what you feel for him. Go after your dream career. Go a ladder higher in your education or job position at work and keep up your hobbies. This creates attraction from him and makes you noticeable even by other colleagues too. It raises your standard and makes him want to know more about you.

Getting close? Try body language

These are non-verbal body movements that send the message to him. Keep your body language open to him; do not fold arms, instead put them at the sides or backwards when talking with him. Smile often and maintain good eye contact, hold it temporarily if you can. You are allowed to be nervous around him or even blush.

Be a good Samaritan by doing something for him

Help him clear his duties, or even give him company as he clears his duties. Be concerned about his feelings and encourage him when he is down. Appreciate and acknowledge him where necessary.

Hang around him when you can

This gives time for both small friendly and official talks. Go to clubs or meetings together. Do a project with him and research together. Sit next to him in official functions, dinners and luncheons. It is important to be an optimist in this and not to use force. Be patient and don’t play too zealous too soon.

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