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Value your loved ones and give words to your feelings

Value your loved ones

One day, Rama went to the store to get the grocery. It was a hot sunny day. She parked her car and got inside the store, as it was hard to tolerate the heat of the sun. The list she had prepared in the morning had almost everything she needed for the next few weeks but even then, on her way to the store she kept reminding herself of things that were not there on her list. She even met a friend and decided to grab a cup of coffee. The moment they were about to get into the restaurant Rama ran into someone, it was a narrow escape. Rama did not even bother to think whose mistake it was and said sorry at once.

friends in restaurant

“That is so nice of you. It was his fault and you apologized. Why did you say sorry?” her friends Mega asked.

“Oh, it hardly matters. Don’t be so particular about things and by the way didn’t you hear him say sorry?” Ram replied.

“Yes, I heard him. All right then, tell me about your daily routine these days,” Mega asked to change the topic of discussion.

Rama spend next one hour with her friend sitting in a restaurant since she had met someone from school after a long time. They talked about their mutual friends and shared memories of their childhood. When Rama came back home she decided to take some rest. When she got up it was already late for the dinner. She rushed into the kitchen without realizing that her daughter Maya was standing right there at the entrance. Rama was walking so fast that she almost bumped into Maya who somehow managed not to fall down.

“Oh my goodness, Maya what are you doing here? Can’ t you play somewhere else?” she said.

“I was just…,” Maya had hardly completed her sentence when Rama yet again yelled at her and said, “Why are you carrying those flowers all over the place? Go to your own room and finish your home work.”

“Mom, I have already done my home work,” Mays said in a mild tone. She had a low face, as she was not expecting her mother to yell at her.

scolding daughter

“All right, go to your own room and revise your lesson. Remember, your exams are just around the corner,” Rama said as she got into the kitchen.

An hour later, Rama took her dinner with her daughter who ate without saying a word, as she was already upset with her mother. Rama put her to sleep and started reading a book. All of a sudden, something reminded her of the incidence that had taken place when she had bumped into a stranger that day. “I had apologized at once and I just scolded my beautiful daughter without any fault on her part. I apologized to that stranger but I was hesitant to say sorry to my own daughter even when I knew it was my fault,” she said to herself. It really made her feel terrible.

It was already six o’clock when Rama got up the next morning. She at once went to Maya’s room, woke her up and said, “I am sorry sweetheart. I shouldn’t have scolded you. It was my fault.”

Maya had a big smile on her face when she said, “it’s all right mommy.”

“What were those beautiful flowers for?” Rama asked as she gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek.
“Those flowers were for you, mom, I know you love red roses. Did you like them?” Maya said in her cute voice.

“I Love them and I love you my little princess,” Maya said.

There are times when we take our loved ones for granted and don’t even hesitate to humiliate them over trivial issues as we consider it our birth right. We must take good care of our loved ones, as they are larger than life.

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