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How to deal with awful toothache

It is a really astonishing reality that a seemingly insignificant bad tooth or cavity can make life miserable with awful toothache. With better dental care and regular checkups you can avoid these pains, whether it is a minor pain caused by sensitive teeth or the life debilitating pain from tooth decay.

Fix an appointment with the dentist

Even though you can rely on a range of momentary fixes to ease toothache, you need to see a dentist to know the root cause of pain. If proper treatment is not given, a simple toothache can cause infection or abscess, affecting other parts of teeth and jaw. An untreated toothache can lead to more excruciating pain and complications. As you are not looking for a temporary relief from toothache, but for a permanent pain relief, dentist can give the best solution. Continuous deep pain and throbbing require immediate medical attention. In case of the presence of pulpitis, dentist will treat it through a simple filling. A root canal or removal of the bad tooth may be required in the case of an abscess. It is better to consult the dentist than to soothing the pain by using pain killers and other temporary solutions. You can, of course, depend on temporary solutions till you reach the dental office.

Use over the counter painkillers

Over the counter medicines are of great help to get instant relief from severe toothache. If you are not able to stand the toothache, it is advisable to take two Aspirin or Ibuprofen. The latter may prove to be more useful as it treats swelling also. Vicodin, Percocet, and Tylenol 3 are some other popular and effective over the counter toothache medicines. Keep a chewable baby aspirin in your mouth near the affected tooth to see the pain just softening away. Over the counter oral analgesics can be applied on the aching tooth and gum. There are some good topical treatments available over the counter such as Oragel, which will help in mitigating toothache. When using over the counter medications, be careful to read the directions on package for dosage instructions.

Rinse your toothache away

Rinsing your toothache away is another great remedy for toothache. Rinsing your mouth with a good antiseptic liquid will relieve the pain and inflammation besides protecting your teeth from future problems. Washing your mouth with warm salt water will also give some relief. Rinsing with a mix of water and baking soda will also give the same effect. You can even use some good antibacterial mouthwash to sooth pain. Beware not to do these rinsing when you have pain at its peak. Another rinsing tip to sooth a toothache is to numb the area by soaking it with a little whiskey. Wet your mouth for some time with a little whiskey to alleviate pain. Mixing hydrogen peroxide with water and gargling your mouth will also prove to be of some help.

But, remember that all these painkillers will just numb the pain or provide temporary relief without treating the real problem. In order to find out the real problem, you need to visit a dental doctor.

Good old home remedies

Clove is often hailed as the best ancient home remedy to get rapid relief from toothache. The anti-bacterial content eugenol present in clove helps in soothing pain instantly. You can either grind clove and keep it between the aching teeth or apply clove oil to the affected tooth and gum area. As undiluted clove oil can cause burning sensation, you can even mix it with olive oil and use it.

Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar (ACV) and place it on the aching area to relieve pain. Biting a slice of lemon may also be of some help. Mix ground black pepper and salt and hold it in the aching tooth. Rubbing with ice pack is another traditional home remedy to lessen pain.

Garlic is another excellent home remedy to reduce toothache. A composite named allcin present in garlic assist in reducing pain. Chew raw garlic or place crushed garlic in the affected part. The antibacterial effect of allcin will mitigate swelling and pain. The pain will subside by continually chewing fresh garlic clove. Garlic can even be used by mixing with clove oil for more effect.

Follow good oral hygiene practice

Adopting preventive measures by following good oral hygiene habits is the best way to avoid regular episodes of toothache. Brush your teeth after every meal and especially before going to bed. Brushing not only removes food particles form mouth, it also prevents bacteria buildup and plaque. For effective brushing, use toothpaste that contains good quantity of fluoride. Flossing helps in removing food particles that cannot be removed by brushing.

Some important lifestyle changes will also save you from any future toothache problems. Stay away from too much sweets, candy, and sugary foods. Drinking a glass of milk everyday will keep dentist away. The calcium in milk will make your teeth stronger and less susceptible to decay. Instead of carbonated drinks, indulge more in water. Visit your dentist at least once in a year to get complete dental cleaning done.

You will be motivated to stick to these oral hygiene practices if you remember the excruciating pain caused by decayed tooth. Remember that prevention is the best medicine for toothache.

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