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Tips to make a platonic relationship work

make a platonic relationship work

Can a girl and boy be just friends? This one question comes in the mind of many people and often leaves them confused. However, there is no need to feel confused, as a sure shot answer to this question is that yes, a boy and a girl can be friends for as long as they want to. The only thing is that they should know how to make their relationship work. This type of relationship is called a platonic relationship that is not quite easy to maintain for the boy and a girl for many reasons.

The first reason might be the sexual urges that sometimes overpower their mind to get on top of each other, but a strong will and mind enables both friends to get over this situation. Then sometimes it becomes difficult for platonic fiends to make their love partners understand the importance of each other in life. Many a times it happens that love partners misunderstand the relationship of their partners with their platonic friend. Leaving all negatives behind, a platonic relationship is fun and very fulfilling for both the partners. If you also desire a platonic relationship then read further to find out what one should do to make such a relationship work:

Trust each other

To nurture a platonic relationship, both need to trust each other and themselves. Even if you have seen in movies that a boy and a girl never remain friends and ultimately they fall in love with each other, it is just a myth. Take it out of your mind and consider the fact that you and your friend are made to be friends and nothing more.

Rules and boundaries are very important

Setting up some rules and boundaries is an integral part of platonic relationships. There ought to be clear cur rules for this sort of relationship. If you have decided to be in a platonic relationship then you have to see each other as siblings and good friends, nothing more than this. If both the partners know their limits from day one, there is a possibility that both partners will never cross their limits, can enjoy a platonic relationship free from doubts, and loaded with relaxation.

Let others think what they want to

Everybody in this world is free to have their own opinions and viewpoints, and you have to be ready for people’s strange reactions over your friendship. They might ask stupid questions and talk behind your back, but as long as you both are happy and comfortable, these things should never bother you. It is seen that platonic relationships have ended because of other people.

In some cases the platonic partners have backed out because they found it hard to bear the criticism of people, while some other relationships turned into a couple just because people told them to, and soon ended breaking up. Platonic relationships are sweet and pure, and they do not deserve such tragic ends at all. In order to escape such tragic ends, you got to listen to your own heart and mind, and turn a deaf ear to what other’s speak about your relationship.

Be realistic

Initially it is pretty normal to have some sexual feelings for your platonic partner once in a while. You need not blame yourself too hard, or feel ashamed of it all the time. Such feelings are normal in the initial days but with time, you need to learn self-control and then such feelings should never overpower your mind. If you think you cannot get control over these urges, then it is better to walk out of a platonic relationship.


A platonic relationship requires a strong will and a mind that prevents sex from coming in the way of a pure and a solid friendship between a boy and a girl.

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