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The strength of the family

responsibility to educate kids

At the age of sixty, Mr. Lowell looked young and energetic. His first name was Patrick and he was famous among girls when he was young. He lived an exemplary life. He lost his parents when he was hardly eighteen. He had his younger brother who was only ten. One of the relative offered both of them to come and stay with him but he denied as he had always chosen to live his life his way. Unlike most others, Patrick always chose to live his life on the edge. There was not even a single day when he had not challenged his own abilities.


His parents had left him a house to live in but the kids had no money. His brother could hardly understand the harsh realities of life. He knew that his elder brother was there to keep him away from the worries of the external world. Patrick took a side job and worked hard. He always knew what he had to do as if he had everything planned on his mind. There were struggles but that could not keep him from studying further. He would get up early in the morning, leave his baby brother at his school and go to his college. In the evening, he would leave his brother home and go to work in a garage where his job was to manage accounts. His employer at the garage was a nice person who always gave him the liberty to go early, as he knew he had his baby brother waiting for him. Patrick would prepare the dinner for the two and put his brother to sleep. He would study for hours at nighttime and sleep late. Life was not a fairytale for Patrick who always faced the hardships of life head on.

“I am living for my brother. I can’t afford to cry since that would make me weak,” he had told his friend once.

Time went by. Patrick got a job at a multinational company after his graduation. He had always played smart. He knew that education could help him make money that could give his brother a good life. He had always been the strength of the family.

Patrick always believed in learning and moving upward in life. He never slept more than five hours. He eventually became a district judge who was not only taking good care of his family but had set a new standards of success for all others. He took a pledge to help unfortunate others and to do things the hard way.

responsibility to educate kidsHe always said that a comfortable life could never help you realize your dreams. He lived his life by this theory and changed lives of many others around him. When finally he got the resources, he took the responsibility to educate kids who had lost their parents due to certain reasons. It always kept him close to his own parents who had died long back.

Patrick made his emotions his biggest strength. He never gave up and eventually changed his corner of world.

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