The Buddhist monk’s way to a fulfilling life

How do you love a complete life? Most people spend their lives looking for an answer to this question but never really get it. Buddhist religion however can help you find answer to this million-dollar question. Buddhist monks live a sacred life that has nothing to do with worldly possessions. They believe in the power of self, which according to them works wonders in life.

Failure equals growth

Failure equals growth (2)

In Buddhism, there is no such thing as failure. They believe that failure is as important as success in life. Your failures turn you into a better person. You must take learning from failures and move on the path is success. There is actually no one who attains success without failing at something. As bad exist with good, the existence of failure with success is inevitable.

Patience is a virtue

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Those who do not have patience always invite trouble and unhappiness in life. You need to be patient in life so that you can make the best use of your skills and give a desired shape to your life. There is a time and place for everything if you make yourselves worthy of success. Do not compare yourself with anyone, as all are different. The baseless comparisons you make in everyday life may prove toxic for your happiness.

Live your life your way

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Those who are always worried about thoughts like what others would say about them can never be content. You are a unique individual who has different needs and requirements. You are responsible for your own happiness. The followers of Buddhist culture believe that you must abandon your ego and work on your spiritual growth.

Know the eternal truth

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Your own fears and insecurities keep you from moving forward and upward in life. Fear of failure, fear of losing your loved ones and fear of success do not let your embrace success and happiness. Have full faith in your abilities and do not miss even a single opportunity that comes your way. No one else but you have the power to shape your character and change your destiny.

Find the real happiness

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Those who believe that a big pile of money or worldly possessions can make them happy fail to understand that such happiness fades away in no time. The truth is that you have everything you need to keep yourself happy all your life. Find happiness in small moments that end with in a spur of a moment. Those who feel that they must sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their loved ones must acknowledge the truth. You can never keep your loved ones happy if you do not enjoy your own life.

Live in the moment


Buddhism teaches you to be live in the moment. The followers of Buddhist culture believe that it is all here and now. Life unfolds in a moment. This moment has the power to turn your dreams into reality. Each day you get a new life to follow your dreams and live the way you always wanted to live.

Life is beyond worldly possessions

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Every time you get an urge to buy a new smart phone or to shop branded clothes for yourself, think of unfortunate others around you. Millions of people go hungry for days, animals survive in terrible conditions, thousands of kids open up their eyes in orphan age homes and their own kids throw elderly people out of their own houses.

You can finance the education of a couple of kids with money you spend on celebrating your birthday with a bunch of rich friends. Contribute your bit to bring happiness and hope in someone’s life.

Buddhism teaches you to practice gratitude in life. Kindness is something, which is much more valuable than having an expense car or a posh bungalow. The happiness that stems from within stays forever in your life.

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