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How to deal with teens

Teenage is a very delicate phase of a growing child

Teenage is a very delicate phase of a growing child which has to handled with care. Parents should pay attention to the problems of their children at this point of age

Clear their confusions

There are many reasons which can cause depression in a teenager. The changes in the body may be embarrassing at times. It should be conveyed to them that it is a transition that they are going through is to become an adult, nothing else. Also, tell them that there is nothing to worry about as they are in a phase that every body is required to pass by, and if they have any problems it is advised that they should talk about it and not keep it to themselves. This will resolve their problem and give peace of mind.

Ask them to do regular exercises

It is not true that you will only look attractive when you are super slim (for girls) or have a perfectly built up body (for boys); it is a fake perception. What is important is to be fit and exercise regularly. The body images that are being promoted by media are unrealistic and effort to copy one of those body images can be unhealthy and can lead to eating disorders. If they choose a wrong option of dieting or upset their eating routine, remember they are going to hamper your health. Their body as a teenager undergoes a number of metabolism and if they cut heavily on their diet they will not grow up into a fit person. Therefore, it is necessary to personally check on their eating habits.

Talk with them about sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases propagate by sexual intercourse or venereal touch. If one of the sex partners is in trap of a sexually transmitted disease, the other can easily be infected. This disease can be spread by having both, genital sex or oral sex. Inform them that when they become sexually active, it is recommended by the doctors to go for a routine test of STD. The test is necessary because these diseases do not show any symptom, especially in girls or women. It is wise to make use of contraceptive pills or condoms to avoid pregnancy.

Check drinking habits

It is often observed that teenagers start drinking in between the age of 12 to 17. Maybe it is challenging and attractive to boast that they can drink but it is anyways injurious to their health. Tell them that it is not wise to start drinking just to show off or due to mere peer pressure and if they avoid this temptation, they will survive the world in a better way than the others. A girl needs to be more alert because it is easy to sexually abuse or cheat a drunk person.

Explain them the benefits of positive thinking

High rates of suicide and suicide attempts are observed among the teenagers. You should make them aware that God has given them life to live and to satisfy their calling not to hurt themselves. Convince them that if they have a problem they should discuss it with friends, parents or their loved ones; it is not a correct step to think of something like suicide before even sharing it with someone who can help. This way they will definitely be understood, accepted and will be guided through a correct direction. Tell them that they should never forget that there are many people who love them and one wrong decision can hurt a lot.

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