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How to deal with your emotions

Emotions can control the way you think, act, and behave. They also affect you physically. If these emotions are not dealt with properly, they may get buried within the body and cause various illnesses. Given below are some tips that will help you deal with emotions.

Evaluate your situation

What you have to do first is to find a calm and quiet place where you can sit and relax for a while. Use this time for focusing and evaluating yourself or what you can do the best for combating the situation. Understand why you are feeling depressed or frustrated. Be specific and write it down. Think of your situation and identify something good in it. For example, if you feel lonely, what are the things you can do positively to remove your loneliness and provide you with mental happiness. Try to use this time for relaxing as well because it can help you figure out some new solutions to your problem.

Find a positive solution

After identifying your emotions, you need to find a positive way to release them. This will help you look at things in a different manner. Whatever is the small change, it will help you improve your mood and way of thinking. Sometimes, you may be in a bad mood because of your job or a bad relationship. Stop worrying about these things and try to find out new ways where you can use your talent or skills. Find and do something new which can help you engage your mind in a different way, and prevent negative thoughts and feelings. You can do various things like writing, painting, drawing, enrolling in some kind of classes, etc., to divert your mind.

Stop worrying

Dealing with emotions can be very difficult at certain times, especially when you feel that your world is coming to an end. If you are not able to control such feelings and emotions, it can affect you negatively and diminish your self-confidence. Instead of falling in such a situation, it is better to stop worrying. Surround yourself with better things that help you change your focus. Take a walk in the open, speak to your closest friend, or a family member whom you trust the most. All these can help you bring some relief and at the same time, release your emotions. Worrying is not going to help you in any way. You need to focus on your thoughts on how to move on further and improve the quality of your life.

Deep breathing exercises and self talk

One of the best ways to deal with your emotions is by doing deep breathing exercises. These exercises help you slow down your breathing and heart rate. Breathe slowly for about five seconds in and out. Do this at least five times daily for getting some relief. Exercises can help you relax and feel energized. You can also indulge in self talk to reassure and comfort yourself. Talk as if you are talking to your friend. Be kind and gentle. Reassure yourself with comforting words like, ‘I am safe, I am okay’. You can also treat yourself with something interesting and soothing things like going to a spa, taking a bubble bath, watching your favorite movie, or reading an interesting book.

Break away from your feelings, seek professional help

If you feel that your emotions are too overwhelming, you need to take a break from them. After the break you will realize that your way of thinking has changed slightly. Think of the times when you really felt good and comfortable. Feel the pleasant things in life that you have enjoyed. You will be able to notice a shift in your thoughts. If possible, you can even think of changing the location or going on a short trip for refreshing your mind. There you will be able to engage in various interesting activities that can bring new meaning to your life. Enjoy the company of friends, research on new things to improve your scenario and lifestyle. All these will be able to help you deal with your emotions in a positive way. If nothing helps, you can even get a professional help. Speak to a professional counselor and follow her/his advice.

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