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How to deal with a narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, an uncontrollable obsession with oneself. So, if you are preoccupied with yourself every single minute of the day and you are unable to focus on anything or anyone except yourself and your concerns, then, it is time for you to take some serious steps to overcome this narcissistic personality disorder.

Identify the cause.

Once you are sure that you are suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, your first step should be to identify the cause. A number of causes like low self-esteem, relationship problems, child abuse and family issues can be responsible for this disorder. Narcissism compensates the low self-esteem and a narcissist generally cannot tolerate any kind of criticism. However, constant and excessive praise and adulation combined with overindulgence can also be responsible for this disorder. If you are surrounded by people who praise you or your looks all the time, then you must consider it as a potential cause of your disorder. It is important for you to know the cause and handle it in a mature way. Refrain from taking every compliment seriously and try to exert some control over your thoughts.

Nurture your interests.

Channel your energies in a proper manner and do something constructive, something that you enjoy. If you like reading books or listening to music or being involved in sports then go ahead and do that. Any activity will take your focus away from yourself, you will find a sense of satisfaction after you complete these activities. The sense of accomplishment will go a long way in nursing your self-esteem back to health. Gradually your hobbies will help you understand that there are a number of fulfilling aspects of life that you can enjoy without being obsessed about yourself.

Socialize and connect with friends and family.

Friends and family are the ultimate support system for everyone. Take their help and if you feel the need then talk to them about your problem. They can keep your behavior in check and help you stay motivated. Just by spending time with others you will find it easier to shift your attention away from yourself. When you are at a party or at your friend’s place, make a conscious effort to listen to what others have to say, try your best to be involved in their problems. Interacting with other people, especially your loved ones will help you realize that all of them deserve your attention. Socializing with dear ones also instills a feeling of happiness and that of being loved, this will act as a boost to your self-confidence.

Get involved in group activities.

Group activities are great fun way of interacting with other individuals. It need not be some grand event, it could just be some event like organizing a sports meet in your neighborhood, or volunteering for the school concert, or being associated with an animal help group or any social activist group. It really depends upon your area of interest. A group activity will hone your team-work skills. Once you start working in a group with a unified goal, you will understand that the effort of each and every individual counts. This sense of togetherness will help you overcome your narcissistic tendencies.

Seek professional help.

At times, narcissistic personality disorder is caused by severe psychological trauma, like physical abuse during childhood and other such events. In this scenario only a qualified professional can unearth the exact cause and prescribe a possible cure. So if you feel that you need professional help then do not shy away from doing so. You owe yourself this favor. There are many counseling agencies who will devise a comprehensive care system to help you conquer your narcissism. The earlier you reach out, the faster you get cured. So take a step forward in the right direction.

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