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How to deal with dumb people

It is not often that you meet dumb people who create great frustration and waste of time, whether it is at work or in personal relationships. Dealing with such people is a challenge, especially if you want to avoid getting into trouble. Here are some ways

How to deal with pressure at work

One may be a business owner or an employee but a common thing binds both. Both face pressure at work. Pressure at work comes in various forms. You may be lacking behind in any assignment or an uncooperative colleague may be giving you sleepless nights. So

How to deal with shy children

Shyness is typical to about 50 percent of US adults and many children reveal this attribute. Depending on the way you handle and groom children, shyness can emerge more a help than a hindrance in their persona.


How to deal with envious people

Though some of us would vouch that we have not been envious of others even once, it would be a blatant lie. If you are an achiever and have too many laurels in you cap, it’s likely that you meet many an envious colleague or a friend on a daily basis. H

Emotion is a portion of human system

How to deal with emotional people

Emotion is a portion of human system. It is very normal to be emotional or sensitive about something or someone. However, the emotional quotient gets imbalanced sometimes and result in irrational effects on the person’s life and of others around him. Let

Dealing with difficult clients

How to deal with a difficult client

Dealing with difficult clients is the part and parcel of your everyday work. Whether you own a company or work as a freelancer, it’s important to learn the tactics of successful client handling. Here are some tips that can help you maintain cordial rela

How to deal with AIDS

AIDS, as we all know, stands for Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is a very lethal disease.But one must not lose hopes when diagnosed positive with AIDS, he/she must not feel depressed or guilty and needs not to take any social or moral pressure as

help children deal with divorce

A Children’s Guide to Dealing With Parent’s Divorce

Divorce can be hard on the entire family. But for your children, it can be a traumatic experience. Although, you can’t change the conditions of your family, but you can help your child deal with divorce in these ways.

How to deal with embarrassment

All of us have to deal with embarrassment at certain points in our lives. While for some it is a deep and scarring wound that they will never forget, others learn to laugh it off and move on. Some others learn from their mistake and vouch never to repeat

deal with being single

How to deal with being single

It’s not often that people find themselves unmarried and unattached. While being single is sometimes an imposed action, there are many other instances where being single happens because things did not work out exactly as planned. Whatever be the situati

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