shyness reasons

How to deal with shy girls

Dealing with girls is a tough task. If you wish to strike a conversation and be friends with a shy girl, your challenge gets even bigger. You need to exhibit your suave charm without appearing too sugar-coated. Check out these tips to help yourself.


How to deal with stubborn parents

Parents form the most important part of one’s life. They deserve to be respected, loved and should be taken care of. Some of the parents are however stubborn and need to be dealt with a lot of patience and respect. Read on to know how to deal with such


How to deal with jealous women friends

You chose to be friends with her, knowing unknowing the fact that she is jealous, insecure and can even create problem sometimes. The first honest step towards friendship is taken but the second honest step is to stick to the first step which can be reall

he has a baby mama

How to deal with baby mama drama

Did you think your man to be the greatest in the world, when suddenly realizing one day that you were falling for a wrong person? Can your man no more handle the job of changing the diapers and partying at the same time?? If so, check yourself before you

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