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Superiority or Mediocrity – Which one do you want for you life?

Superiority or Mediocrity

Firstly, let’s quickly define both terms.

Superiority is making the most out of the life that you have been given, striving to learn and grow everyday, working towards achieving your dreams, and overcoming fear on a day to day basis.

Mediocrity is doing as you are told, allowing others to define your self worth, working for other people your entire life, and waiting for your chance to live the life that you truly want instead of actually going to get it.

The quote “Good things come to those who wait”, should be “Good things come to those who go and get it”.

No one is going to give you an opportunity to be great. All the great people in history were not handed their title or success by someone else, they had to put in the exhaustive effort, their entire energy, and all of their time, to achieve what they had.

It is far simpler to sit and wait for the right moment to come, while at the same time getting on with the mundane and the regular, or you can pick a dream that you have, and dedicate your entire existence to achieving it. You were mot brought here to merely exist, you were brought here to do amazing and great things with this opportunity, and when you look back on your life, you want to be able to say that you achieved your goals because you went out to get them, and you didn’t let anything or anyone stop you.

Live your dreams because you only get one chance and when it’s gone, all you can do is dream about them.

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