Subtle ways in which men show their love

Love is a wonderful feeling. Most importantly, your lover expressing their feelings for you helps you know that you are on the same page and that the love is still strong. However, there are people and this especially applies to men who do not express their love is obvious ways. In most cases, this has been misunderstood as someone falling out of love. The following are subtle ways your man tells you he loves you by actions.

Special treatment

The way your man treats you tells a lot about the way he feels about you. He is thoughtful of how you feel, what you need and desire. He makes these things important and a part of his life. He is always there to make things better and make you feel better at all times. He is always concerned about you and the happenings in your life whether they involve him or not.

He gives you his time

Time is an important factor in every relationship. Spending time with each other is an opportunity for growth and a deeper connection. When your man dedicates his time to you, which is a very loud silent way of saying he loves you. Whenever he wants to have your company and gives his attention to you is a sure way for you to know that he loves you. The moment he makes time for you whenever his schedule allows should confirm his feelings for you.

Your relationship is treated in uprightness

When a man treats your relationship with integrity and loyalty, you can be sure that he loves you. Men are generally afraid to air their feelings, but if a man is honest and is true to his word, that means he loves. When a man opens up about his past, secrets and other weaknesses to you do not look for any other sign because it is obvious he loves you because of being so open and deep with you.

He is proud of you

When a man shows you affection in public, bugs and holds your hand, it means he loves you. When he introduces you to friends, family and even past lovers, it is highly likely he loves you. The deepest way for a man to show his love is by making sure that those around him know he has someone special in his life.

Next time you feel like your man is falling out of love because he does not say it, think of all the things he silently does to show you how he feels. That is the loudest way he can say it truly and sincerely.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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