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Divorce rates are high and split ups happen every other day in the Wild Wild West. Yet, in spite of it all, there are some couples who entirely defy the rules. Hollywood onscreen has some real cute love stories and some amazing chick flicks. However, there are a few real life couples that are much more interesting than the reel life ones. Here is a list of them –

David and Victoria Beckham

The 2 have been together for a very long time and have had a happy and long lasting marriage. The football icon and the spice girl star, together known as posh, send waves in the air wherever they go.

The 2 are definitely in love and together and have a long way to go if they manage to sustain and maintain the continuity of their marriage. In love and happily married with kids has gained another meaning altogether thanks to these 2 love birds. One never heard of trouble in their paradise. The 2 are not just iconic people to look up to and role models to a million people but the 2 are also role models for aspiring lovers who wish to settle down with their partners.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

After breaking up with Jen Aniston, Pitt married superstar Angelina Jolie. The 2 not only are happy with each other but have a series of adopted kids.

The 2 make one huge happy family and also make for a great love story. It is enchanting and endearing to see the 2 of them together and happy. It is the kind of family that everyone longs for in their lives. The 2 have had their own sets of troubles but have stuck by each other and have hopefully come off stronger and better.

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

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Kim Kardashian has dated quite a few people and has had her ups and lows as far as relationships are concerned. She has finally and happily settled down to singer Kayne West and the 2 of them are in a romantic heaven.

The 2 not only had a romantic honeymoon but also have a cute little baby that goes by the name of North West. Yeah North West! However, the 2 of them seem to be incredibly happy with each other and there don’t seem to be any signs of this relationship of Kim’s flailing.

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