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Seven tricks to increase the level of intrinsic motivation

level of intrinsic motivation

Motivation is something which everyone needs to find in his or her life to move forward and do well in every task. One needs to boost up his or her morale and confidence to ignite the urge to feel satisfied and accordingly, come up with better work and performance. In this article, we will talk about a particular segment of motivation called intrinsic motivation. It is a concept that inspires one to get motivated from inside without caring much about external sources like financial remuneration or words of praise.

Do read below mentioned points to know seven tricks which will help you to get motivated from inside. These are pretty simple steps which you can follow easily and get motivated in the nick of time, provided you have the confidence in yourself.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

The very first thing which you can do to get internally motivated is to believe in yourself. You really need to have the feeling that you can do something on your own and you don’t need any external help and support. You must need to have full faith in yourself. Make you mind strong to complete some venture or assignment on your own and think that you can do it under any circumstances. The trust issue is a vital thing. If you can have it in you, you can consider that you have already won half of the battle.

Change How You View, Or Do, a Task

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Perception regarding something is very important when you want to get motivated. If you have a demoralizing approach toward life then it’s always tough for you to get motivated. Try to change your view toward life and you will find that everything is falling into place and getting simpler than ever before. If you find changing your view difficult or confusing, try to do a task which perhaps demands something more out of you which you are not perhaps accustomed with. Just when you change the way you think, you will find that the world is a different place to live in all together. Things will look brighter and you can have more control over your mind.

Eat Yourself to Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated

Always try to eat yourself in order to get yourself motivated. This is an important process of getting yourself motivated on your own without taking any external help.

Get Your Brain Going

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Try to train your brain in such a manner that it could help you get motivated on your own. Always remember that the brain has the power to make you do anything. Thus, if you can train your brain accordingly, you will definitely feel more confident and satisfied in achieving your goals. You don’t have any idea how strong and firm your brain can get to take up challenges and fight personal battles.

Expect certain amount of Rejection

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When you want to get motivated, there will be situations where you will not find success and you will be rejected by people and even circumstances. Don’t lose hope since failures and rejections are actually the pillars of success that you will come across in the near future. When you get rejected by something or by someone, don’t just lose hope and break down. Take it up as a challenge to come back stronger in the future and break through any obstacles and barriers which will come in your way.

Remember that it’s not Personal

get motivated on your own

Do keep it in mind that these repulsions and rejections are not personal and hence, you should not take them personally. These come along the process where you want yourself to get motivated on your own.

Curiosity and Interest


In order to get motivated from inside, both curiosity and interest are very much required. Without curiosity, you cannot develop interest in a person, phenomena or an idea. Similarly, when you don’t have interest in something, you cannot be curious while doing or appreciating it.

These were some of the common tricks and tips which you can easily follow to help your mind to overcome all odds. While doing up the positivity of your soul, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you can imbibe all the positive vibes from the surroundings once you learn the art of staying motivated from within.

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