Seven clues that should ring the bell that it’s time to move on in life

Everything has to come to end at the end of the day. However, there are certain relationships, habits, actions and even desires that you have to let go before they start over empowering your life. You mostly get hints that now the time has come to let go of things and move on in life. The mere act of moving on lets you breath freely and makes you feel liberated again as well since it is the law of the nature. Here are a few signs that it’s time to let go.


Businessman neglecting his girlfriend while speaking on the phone

When the other person starts neglecting you, or find it difficult to make time for you, it’s an indication that something is wrong. A broken trust could no longer bear the burden of a relationship that offers you simply nothing in return. Relationships always have a strong foundation of mutual respect, when respect fades away, it’s time to say goodbye.

Past that overshadow your present

Past that overshadow your present

If you start giving more importance to your past or start feeling the past was better than the present, its time you let go. You have to live in the present, no matter how you see your past; it should never make you lose the sight of your present.

Loss of passion

Loss of passion

When you feel you are surrounded by dullness and hopelessness, then it’s time to let it go. You must be having tons of insecurities in your life but it should never demolish you dreams and hope for a better future. No matter what destiny has in store for you, if your keep your hopes up life seems like an open road.

Feeling less valued

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No matter, who or what makes you feel less valuable or not being good enough in life, never ever let the circumstance dominate you. Let go of these feelings since you are as important and valuable as everyone else.

Nothing seems fun


No one has a life that offers only a lot of fun, it always is a blend of almost all the feelings. However, if you constantly feel that life offers nothing to be proud of or you do not seem to have fun, there is a need to give a second thought to the way you are leading your life.

No growth in life

No growth in life

Even the person who has never gotten any success in their life may have a great bundle of learning that further paved for their growth. However, at any point of time if you start feeling that you are no growing as a person and feel you have nothing to look forward to, it’s high time you take some serious steps in life.

Feeling that things should change

Feeling that things should change

When you start feeling that things could take a positive turn, then you should start taking it seriously. No one but you have to take the responsibility to take the charge in your own hands. You can’t turn things in your favor and certainly can’t control the behavior of other people, but you can learn to detach yourself to enjoy your share of happiness.

Time never remains the same. A time comes when you have to let go things that start hampering your happiness or leaves you with no options.

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