Introspect and be your worst critic to get the taste of success

It is a known fact that success never comes without trying hard with your heart and soul. If it were easy to get success, no would be wishing to attain it. It always sounds fun to celebrate success in life but the efforts you put in to get closer to it is unimaginable.

Things are not that bad

Things are not that bad

If you feel that you are the one who is going through a rough phase in life, then it’s your misconception. Losing a job or a broken heart could never be compared with pain people get when natural calamities destruct the lives of millions of people. You may not be having a fun time at your work or may find it difficult to buy a new apartment for your family, but it is not that bad. However, enjoy the uncertainty of life and feel blessed since there are things that you don’t even want to know.

Painful memories make it even harder

Painful memories make it even harder

If you believe that your past works as a motivator for you, then you have got it all wrong. The painful memories of your past only take you towards negativity, so learn to move ahead in life as this is the best option. If you feel, your past has started upsetting your present than its time to move on.

Ordinary life can’t hoard extraordinary dreams

If you simply want to live an ordinary life like most others then you are doing great. However if you have big dreams then you have to learn to face your fears. Fear of failure would never let your stretch your wings to fly high.

Don’t act stupid

Your loving family, friends and people who have an important place in your life is all you need. Except all these people, if you are trying hard to impress others then you are acting stupid. You can’t keep everyone around you happy and an attempt to make them happy will be a waste of time and energy.

Come face to face with realty

Come face to face with realty

If you have learnt to be scared of the reaction of the people around you then come out of it. To your amazement, no one has the time to judge way you live your life. Each one has their own demons to deal with, so relax and be you without the fear of being judged.

Make a choice


You may be going through the phase of feeling unworthy, but this can’t be the biggest obstacle on your way to success. If you don’t have a firm belief in your abilities then you can’t possibly get an inch closer to your goal. When you feel you can’t make it, you would not make efforts or even if you do that you would not be honest in your efforts.

It’ always good to know the real facts before you start your journey to success. Those who make things possible are not from another planet but choose to make a difference by the power of believe.

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