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Reasons Why Pets are Good for Your Health and Happiness

Why Pets are Good

They may be messy and expensive to feed and take care of, but having a pet in your home will benefit you in more ways than you can think of. Life just doesn’t seem complete without a pet that can teach you the true meaning of happiness with mere actions. Here are some reasons why pets are good for your happiness as well as your health.

They keep you healthy

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Having a pet around the house has been linked to better health as per many studies. These studies have revealed that having a pet at home can reduce your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thus reducing you from the risks of cardiovascular disease which is linked to these conditions. As such, many pet owners have even indicated that having a pet at home felt like having a free tonic for optimum health.

They alleviate allergies

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Many individuals tend to refrain from getting pets like cats and dogs owing to the allergies that come with pet hair and dander. Many consider these would trigger severe allergies like wheezing and even asthma. However, it has been revealed that living with pets, especially at a younger age, can help increase your immunity to these allergens. It has been noted that pet owners were less likely to suffer from these allergies as well as conditions like asthma and eczema.

They make you more active

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Face it! Having a pet at home requires you to be on your toes at times. You need to walk them, play with them, give them a bath and so on. All this requires you to get off that couch and do something that would burn calories and pump up your heart. By simply walking your dog for a few minutes every day for instance, you can easily lose weight and tone your body without exercising.

They brighten your mood

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All those office tensions and personal problems plaguing your mind get thrown out the door the moment your pet rushes to your side for a cuddle. Pets love to be touched and stroked at frequent intervals. However, this action helps owners psychologically as well. While petting a pooch, the human body releases feel good hormones called oxytocin and serotonin which help calm you down and alleviate your mood.

They reduce your stress levels

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Studies have also shown that pets can reduce stress levels in their owners. It has been found out that taking care of pets can reduce the production of stress causing hormone called cortisol. This way, chances of you getting stressed out or depressed are minimal.

They help you learn how to empathize

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Believe it or not, but a pet can turn you in to a softie for sure. Those who have pet tend to be more nurturing and giving, helping out others whenever in need. Taking care of pets reminds one of things like equality, care and compassion that helps you learn how to empathize with others’ feelings.

They help you become socially active

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Are you quite the introvert who finds it hard to initiate a conversation? Then get yourself a pet and take it for a walk in the park. You will not believe as to how many people actually get close enough to talk to you. All because of your beloved pooch. This is possible because strangers are more prone to smile at people who are with their pets. Some may even walk over to start a conversation, thus making you feel less isolated and socially connected to others. This is probably why pets are considered as excellent ice breakers and conversation starters. 

Having pets at home can be really beneficial for your health and happiness. In addition to elevating your mood and boosting your immunity, pets can make you socially active as well as teach you how to empathize with others.

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