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In life, integrity is integral

person of high integrity

There are a few words that have become very important in this blog. One word that sticks out the most is authenticity. To me, authenticity means being real. Being the real you at all times to attract the things that you need in life instead of what you necessarily want (which may not be good for you).
One simple way to be authentic is to be a person of high integrity. Integrity means you stand by you word, you follow through with whatever you promise, and because you don’t make promises you cant keep, you always remain trustworthy. You become a person who speaks the truth, because everything you say comes from a place where your intentions are good, there are no motives, and you are simply acting true to your character.

A person of high integrity is:
• trustworthy at all times
• honest in all that they say
• strong. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally
• reliable and can be counted on at anytime
• someone that protects their loved ones
• makes promises and keeps them
• always trying to help people, not because of a personal need, but because they have discovered something good and want others to realise it for themselves
• very loving

It’s important to realise that this list is something we all know is good, even if we cant necessarily say why. We all like people who display these characteristics, and this must mean they are good characteristics to have. The best part is, the journey in achieving them for everyone is different, but as with most things, the journey is the fun part and not necessarily the end.

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