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How to remove contact lenses that have got stuck in your eyes

How to remove contact lenses that have got stuck in your eyes

Those who buy and wear quality contact lenses on a regular basis would definitely understand the predicament an individual faces if his/her contact lenses happen to get stuck in his/her eye. The lenses would usually tend to budge from their spot when they are disturbed (aka rubbing the eyes) or get dry (when the eyes become dry). They can then roll up and stick to the eyes, refusing to budge. And removing them can become a very hard task. But not if you follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

If this step works fine, then there is no need for you to follow the others. Start tearing up, making sure you retain the tears until your eyes well up. At this point, squeeze your eyes shut so that the lens would tend to move from its position a bit. Repeat this until the lens is flushed out.

Step 2:

Wash your hands first to keep them clean and free of dirt and other debris that may enter the eyes while you are trying to remove the lens. Rinse your hands properly to avoid getting soap in your eyes as well.

Step 3:

Apply some rewetting eye drops to your eyes to lubricate them. This would moisten the eyes and loosen the lens, thereby making it easier to remove it. Apply just a 2-3 drops of the rewetting solution and wait for a minute or so to let it fill the eye completely.

Step 4:

If your contact lens has rolled up somewhere under the eyelid, you would need to find out where it is first. Stretch your eyelid up, down and sideways to the corners of the eye until you feel an irritation at one place. That is probably where the lens has lodged up. If your lens has a visible tint, then it would be easier for you to locate it by just looking into the mirror and stretching your eyelid to each corner of the eye.

Step 5:

Use the tip of your finger to gently try to remove the lens from its position. Don’t worry if you are not able to remove it right away. It might take some time of the lens to loosen up. So try applying some more rewetting drops in your eyes and wait for a couple of minutes before trying to remove it again (i.e. if you are able to handle the irritation). Try waiting for about 30 minutes before trying to remove the lens in case it is stuck really tight.

Step 6:

In case you have trouble removing the lens with your fingers, try using a DMV remover or a lens plunger, devices you can easily find at pharmacies or the local optometrist. They act has suction devices, sucking the lens right out of your eye within a matter of seconds.

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