How to keep a nasal aspirator clean and hygienic effectively

How to keep a nasal aspirator clean and hygienic effectively

Many of us use nasal aspirators to remove excess mucus and relieve congestion from a kid’s nostrils. Some of us however, do not clean the equipment properly after using it, thereby increasing the risks of a reinfection. Typical bulb nasal aspirators usually collect the mucus at the bottom of the device. As such, it is imperative that you remove all traces of the mucus from the device before using it again. Here is an easy and effective way to do the same.

Step 1: Fill the sink with hot water. Alternatively, you can fill a vessel with water and boil it to get the desired temperature. Add 3-4 drops of antibacterial soap solution to the hot water and agitate the solution a bit to make sure the soap solution dissolves in the water completely. Drop the nasal aspirator into the sink or vessel, making sure it is submerged in the hot water properly. Do this every time you use the device.

Step 2: Press the aspirator bulb to remove any air in the device. Keeping it pressed, submerge the aspirator in the hot water and slowly release the bulb to let the soapy, hot water enter the device. Once the bulb is fully released, squeeze it quickly to flush out the hot water and the mucus collected at the bottom of the bulb.

Step 3: Repeat this pressing and release action a number of times in order to make sure that all the mucus has been removed from the aspirator completely. Now remove the device from the water and keep it on a soft towel to air dry so that it can be used again after some time.

Step 4: If you don’t plan to use the nasal aspirator again (for the time being that is), store it in a clean space. But make sure you sterilize it first. This would ensure to get rid of any remnant bacteria in the device that could potentially infect the medicine cabinet (or where you choose to store it), and cause reinfections.

Steps 5: Sterilizing your nasal aspirator is not that hard a task. Simply boil some water in a vessel until it reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the nasal aspirator in the vessel, allowing it to simmer for an additional 10 minutes. Wait for the water to cool down before removing the aspirator. Wipe the device exterior with some alcohol and allow it to towel dry.

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