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How to have a successful blind date

Whether you have been set up or you have found someone on the internet who piques your interest, going on a blind date can be both fun and interesting as well as drab and horrifying. There are ways in which you can make it successful.

How to have a successful blind date

  • Set your criteria – When people are trying to set you up on a blind date, tell them what you like and you don’t. This will save you a lot of time and effort and minimize the chances of the date turning into a horrifying experience. If you are looking for someone taller than yourself, tell them, if you cannot stand someone who has an opposite political ideology , then tell the matchmakers to keep in  mind that particular thing when they think someone would make a perfect match for you and try to set you up on a date. If you like men who dress well and talk well and belong to a particular field that you too are interested in, do not be afraid of sounding too shallow if you tell the matchmakers that. It just goes on to say that you know what you want and would rather not waste time running after ‘what ifs ? ’ However, make sure that you know what qualities in your list of criteria are must-haves and what are not. Expecting a guy to meet all of them is unrealistic.
  • Find out about the ‘guy’ – Just a ‘He’s going to be great for you!’ or ‘You two are gonna be a great match!’ is not enough to go out on a date . Other people’s list of criteria will never match yours. So find out more about the prospective date, find out what he does on weekends, what is  his social networking like, if he has a lot of friends, etc. You also need to find out if the guy is really looking for a relationship or just a fling, if he has recently been through a break up or separation and is on the rebound. There is no point saying ‘yes’ to a date with a person with whom there is clearly no future.
  • A really bad date – There is absolutely no reason to panic if the guy you have been set up with or you have yourself arranged to go for a blind date with turns out to be nothing like the one you had in mind . Always keep yourself open to surprises. However, if the date turns out to be a horror , make a run for the door! You can pretend to take a call, come back and tell him you have an ‘emergency’ or be very clear , politely, that the date is not going how you were hoping it would. Whatever it may be, do not hide what you are feeling and be honest.

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