How to fly against the wind?

Problems in life are unavoidable. Life will throw one problem after the other and it happens with everyone whether you are rich or poor. But what makes a person different from others is how he accepts these challenges thrown by life. There are some people who easily give in to the problems and blame it on fate or luck or destiny. There are others who give a good fight to solve the problem. Life when it throws challenges it also gives you two option-one is to be weak and succumb to circumstances and another be strong and fight.

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Fighting the Problems     

If you want to come out successful at these challenges thrown by life then you should take deliberate effort to be a strong person. Life can put you in so much pain but always remember that situations in life will not be like this forever, it changes but it is important how you deal with it at that time. As night gives way to a bright and beautiful day, as the cold winters give way to spring season, the circumstances in your life also will change for better.

To fight these challenges apart from being strong you should be optimistic and should have a positive outlook towards life. You will know yourself and who your real friends are when you face with conflicts and crisis in life. These experience whether it is hard, happy or painful are meant to make you the person who you are or sometimes to make you even a better person. It is like going for a scary ride in an amusement park. Initially you feel so scared, your hand starts sweating, maybe you feel like turning away from it but then you muster courage and go for the ride. Yes, it will be scary but after the ride is over you come out cheerful and confident. This is exactly how you should face the challenges of life. If you run away from that ride, you will never experience the excitement it gives. When life throws problems learn to fight against it, never allow it to take you along with it. So always remember this, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”This is a beautiful quote by Henry Ford which so true and meaningful.


The best tool you should have in your hand to fight these challenges are to have the right kind of attitude. When there are problems in life you will be at a stage of not knowing what to do. It is very natural to get panicked. But don’t be in that stage for too long. Get up from there and think about what you can do best in the given situation and then the answers will come to you slowly and you will definitely know how to win the battle. It is all about your willingness to face the situation. So be a good fighter and come out successful and let each challenge be a stepping stone to success.

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