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Help yourself: The guide to dealing with rebound blues

Breakups and divorces happen, sometimes partners take it positively and the other times it comes as a deep shock and sadness. Some people find it very hard to get on with their lives post-breakup, and few others try their best to get over a split too fast. Such people get into a new relationship soon after the end of their previous long-time relationship. People when hop in to a new relationship too soon after their break-up, that relationship is known as a rebound relationship.

Reasons behind a rebound relationship


Rebound relationships take place owing to numerous reasons and ego is one of the biggest and the most common reasons. Suppose your partner announced your breakup or divorce, then this would certainly have hurt your ego, and your feelings. In such circumstances, almost every person tries not to be alone and too fast enters into a new relationship. The purpose behind starting a new relationship so quick is to cure the pain your last relationship has caused to you. Rebound relationship is like a distraction that keeps emotional trauma of a breakup away.

Why rebound relationships fail


Love is not the base for rebound relationships, rather an expectation that eventually makes a relationship to fail. It is no more than a distraction that broken hearts crave for, so that they come over pain at the earliest. Never go for a rebound relationship thinking that your new partner will make up for all the mistakes and bad experiences your ex has given you. This is the worst mistake to make, as this expectation will never let you enjoy a fulfilling relationship, thus, a rebound relationship fails soon after it starts.

Are you heading for a rebound relationship—Test yourself

Following are some telltale signs that reveal you are into a rebound relationship:

  • You are too desperate to date someone

You are too desperate to be hooked up to someone after your ex dumped you, is one sign that you are heading towards a rebound relationship.

  • You focus on the fun part

The only focus you have is one the fun and the sex part of your relationship. You are least bothered about the many serious and important factors that influence a relationship.

  • You bring your ex in your present conversations

You often talk about your ex while conversing with your present partner. You this either you still love your ex or you hate them a lot. Whatever may be the reason, it is not good for your present relationship.

  • You often think about getting back together with your ex

Despite having a good and happy present relationship, you still yearn to get back with your ex someday.

Top tips to avoid diving into a rebound relationship

  • Do not rush

Chaos, disheartenment, and confusion are some of the features that describe a post-breakup life of people. People should not rush but take their own time and try to make piece with the circumstances in such a situation.

  • Let it heal

Know what caused your divorce or a breakup, find all the reasons, accept your mistakes and forget your partner’s mistake. This way you would be able to get over your broken relationship with quite ease and fast.

  • Know the side effects of a rebound relationship

The beats way to avoid a rebound relationship is to know its reality. A distraction that gives you a feel-good effect for sometime post-breakup and then it ends soon leaving you disheartened once again.

Young lovers and divorcees are the ones who fall prey to rebound relationships often. They must learn that such relationships do no good to them in the long run, rather they hurt.

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