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Here’s how you avoid short-term relationships

short-term relationship

You get into relationships but none of them continues for long. You crave for a long-term relationship, but you do not know how to achieve it. Well, it is no rocket science to have stable relationship but yes, you need to know certain things that help bring stability in relationships. Here is your guide that will help you avoid short-term relationships and make your relationships stable.

Things to know before stepping into a permanent relationship

Every relationship starts with more or less a casual way, as two people start dating unknowingly for how long their relation is going to last. They date, spend time with each other, get to know each other well, and all this is what makes two people decide the course of their dating, as in whether they should stop seeing each other or they should be even strengthening it even more. Well, if you decide to take it to the next level, here are some things you must know before making your casual relationship a permanent one.

Do you really want one?

Sometimes infatuation overpowers you and you feel you want someone for your lifetime. However, in reality you do not love that person and you relationship ends up soon. So before deciding to continue your relation with someone you ought to clarify whether you truly love them or are just attracted to them.

Marriage is not a prison

Few people kind or run away from long-term relationships because they relate marriage with miseries, and a full stop to one’s fun filled life and happiness. The way friends organize a bachelor party for the one getting married, and they make him feel as if it is his last day to enjoy. Pathetic is such thinking that marriage is a prison because it does no bad to people. It makes life blissful, provided both the partners want to stay with each other their entire life.

It is a mutual business

A relationship cannot survive long without the mutual efforts of the partners. A relationship can only be successful and happy if both the partners care about each other’s likes-dislikes, and put efforts to keep each other happy. If any one partner stops putting in such efforts, a relationship tends to break and fall apart soon.

Tips to achieve longevity in a relationship

Appreciation is must

Appreciation is a driving force that contributes a lot to the longevity in relationships. Both the partners must appreciate each other for every small thing. It brings positivity in a relationship and is the best way to show your love and care to your partner.

Trust is the key

You ought to trust your partner and they must trust you back. Trust is the biggest factor that can make or break a relationship. Trust has to be mutual, and if any one partner breaks trust or the other starts doubting without any reason, such a relationship is not likely to continue for long.

Be friends first

We tend to share almost everything, every instance that takes in our life with our friends but we do not do it with our parents or with anybody else. There is a comfort level we share with our friends that kind of takes out everything and makes us put it all in front of them. The same should be a relation between two people in love; both must be able to tell each other anything and everything without even doubting it once.

If you yearn for stable relationships then you must consider certain things that help turn a short-term relationship into a long and a successful relationship.

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