How to Flirt with your Crush?

Flirt with your Crush

In today’s Day and age when there are no veils and feelings are let out in the open. There are no pranks, no games but pure fun. A time where arrange marriages are slowly dying out. It is time that the so called introverts learn the art of flirting or they be rendered single forever. Flirting isn’t all that a difficult activity. It only seems so. Once one gets the hang of things, flirting is going to feel like left hand’s play. One only needs to know the rules of the art and then, you can flirt your way to glory! Here are a few tips on how to flirt –

Eyes Play the Game

Use your eyes to flirt with your potential partner and it will seem very easy. You don’t have to do a lot. Just make eye contact and then look elsewhere and then make eye contact again and smile.

Now, after you have done so, don’t stay there but walk away. For, staying there will seem like desperation and hence, just walk away. You will soon find your crush walking towards you to make conversation. Bollywood doesn’t lie, eyes can indeed do the talking!

I’m sending you an SMS!

Play the message game. Don’t load your crush with countless messages but send sufficient enough to let them know that you are interested. Send a few forwards if you don’t want to seem obvious. Otherwise, simply send hi! and take the conversation forward from there on.

You will be surprised to see how smoothly it goes on. If the response isn’t really positive then, with stones on your heart, you have to let it go because you are out of choice at this point. You cannot force yourself on anyone but now at least, you know!

Drop Hints in Conversation

While you are conversing with your crush, let them know that you are interested. Pass naughty comments so that they understand your intentions clearly. Don’t make a habit of it but once or twice, do it.

It isn’t necessary to make it extremely obvious, keep them on their toes as well. However, drop subtle hints time and again. If you receive a positive response to the hints then you know where you are headed. If you don’t, you are in for a ride because you will have a tough time figuring this one out.

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