The Need for a Life of Humor

Good sense of humor

Only human being on this earth can laugh. This the greatest blessing which he has got from the god and so he is different from other being on this planet. Because of this blessing we are special. There are many reasons because of which we can laugh. We human beings create many more things which will spread laughter everywhere. Every one of has the good sense of humor. It takes time to come out. But it comes out on the proper time. There are many jokes and cartoons are made to spread the humor. A good sense of humor makes man handsome. It is actually true that, when man has a good sense of humor it attracts the women.

 Laughter is the Best Medicine_1

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

We can laugh on every single joke which will present something or the other which is accepted by our mind very quickly. It doesn’t take time to understand the simple joke. We can create many more humor using our good sense of humor. It is the god’s gift to us. Who want to have fun in life are very close to the sense of humor. Because of this we stay alive. Then what is meaning of life which don’t have any humor and comedy sense in it. This life will be called as boring life. Humor keeps man alive.

Importance of humor

Importance of humor

It is really very important to have a good sense of humor. Without good sense of humor every single person is very simple and sober. But on the other hand the person who has a good sense of humor is always happy and keeps everyone happy who are with that person. Always carry your sense of humor with you. I know it is not the thing which we can carry it in our bag or it is sold somewhere in the shop. It is god’s creation in between us. Which makes us special. And we becomes one of the favorite person of everyone who knows us. But, actually we get famous because of our sense of humor.

It is very important because it gives us an attitude to look at the things very innovatively. With the perfect comedy timing we can give happiness to the people. There are many shows who do this type of job. Performers who are going to take part in this show have a lot of sense of humor. They are very good with their timing and performing the acts which will present the comedy as well as the good social message. Life becomes very much easier because of sense of humor.

 Spreading happiness everywhere

Spreading happiness everywhere

We have a good chance to win the every one’s heart. We will become very popular with the help of this blessing. Which is really very powerful and it has importance place in man’s life. By spreading happiness everywhere we will get a lots of love and happiness by our loved ones. They will give us more blessings which will also encourage us to do better in this. Some of us have the capacity to accept the humor but some get annoyed. They are not used to it or they don’t have interest in this type of behaviour of man. Now-a-days man is very busy in his work he don’t have time to laugh. So, he gets frustrated and angry on the family members or his friends. At this time, jokes and comedy plays an important role in man’s life. It gives him happiness and releases from the tensions in his life and gives a lots of happiness.

Helping one another is really a good thing but helping one another to keep happy in this manner is also an important thing. This gives relief to man who has good sense of humor and also to man who listen to his jokes. It spreads fun everywhere. The one who finds humor in difficult situation is the person who wins everything in his life. The man who has good sense of humor is very healthy and wealthy person, according to me. Humor is seriously mankind’s greatest blessing. Live life happily by spreading happiness everywhere. Live life like someone has kept the gate open. It is god’s gift to us, so we have to use it for a good course.

Summary: Lastly, I will tell that, live your life for others not only just for yourself. Spread happiness everywhere. Always appreciate one’s sense of humor so that, he or she will get encouraged to do more best things in his or her life. Everyone of us has sense of humor but it only needs space to come out and it should be accepted by the people. It plays an important role in our life. It makes our life easier. Because of giving happiness to others we get back more happiness.

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