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Dream big, it costs nothing

Dream Big, it costs nothing

The moment teacher entered into the classroom she said, “All of you would write your biggest dreams on a piece of paper. Take you time and think of something that is close to your heart but make sure you do not make up a story.”

kid telling her about his dream

Half an hour later, the teacher asked everyone to tell her about her dreams. All students answered enthusiastically.

“I want to be a doctor and give free treatment to all the poor patients.” Pater said.

“All right, but it cannot be a reality. I mean let us face it, you belong to a poor family and your father cannot afford to send you to a medical college to study. Dream is only a dream if you don’t have resources to turn it into reality. You must go back home and think of something that sounds real and authentic. I will ask you tomorrow,” the teacher said.

Peter went back home. He had a low face, as he really wanted to be a famous doctor. He went to his father and said, “Dad, the teacher asked all the students to tell her about their biggest dreams. I told her that I want to become a doctor but she said that it was not a realistic dream. She said that I should change my dream and think of something that sounds realistic to all.”

Talking to son

His father thought for a minute and said, “Those people who dare to dream are born with the ability to turn their dreams into reality. If it is your dream to be a doctor, then you must work hard to make it come true. Remember those who put in their best efforts write their destiny with their own hands. There is no need to change your dream.”

The next day when Peter went to school his teacher asked share his biggest dream with the rest of the students. Peter stood up and said, “My biggest dream is to be a doctor and I will make it come true.”

The teacher scolded him for not taking her advice but Peter had a firm belief in his abilities.

professional medical doctor consulting patient in office

He worked hard and got scholarships that eventually helped him realize his dream. Years went by and he became a reputed doctor and fortunately got appointed in the city hospital where he even met the same teacher who had scolded him for dreaming big. The teacher was happy and proud to see him. The next day the teacher shared his story with all other students to motivate them to dream big in life.

Those who do not dare to dream big can never touch the greater heights of success in life. Remember, all the great people of the world who change history have one thing in common. They are all dreamers.

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