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Don’t let disappointment rob you off your happiness

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It is hard to deal with a disappointment be it from your friends or family. Dealing with any kind of disappointment can be terrible. You find yourself thinking negative all the time and experience different phases of dark moods. The feeling does not seem to get lost until you start looking at things from a broader perspective and accept the truth. Try few simple steps to come out of it:

Take it out

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If you feel like crying, you must do that since it always makes you feel good once you take out your pain. Do not try to keep your emotions in control. If crying seems to lighten your heart than don’t argue the fact. It will relax you. One must not feel ashamed to accept human emotions since without them you are simply nothing.

Review your expectations

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Make time to analyze your expectations one more time. There may be possibility that you did not set realistic goals for yourself or did not try hard. Make sure you set realistic goals next time and do not forget to keep a check on your progress on regular time intervals.

Believe in the ways of universe


Universe has its own ways to give you valuable learning. Universe has a perfect plan for all of us and that is far better than our own plans. There may be learning in the disappointment that paves way for your success. Do not lose hope for a better tomorrow.

Share it with loved ones


The more you try to keep it in your heart, the harder it will be to get rid of it. Share your pain with a true friend, a family member or a professional. It makes you feel better. When you are troubled, you are unable to find a way out of it. The person you share it with can serve the purpose.

Blessing in disguise

Be Flexible to Opportunities

The disappointment you are troubled with may be a blessing in disguise. You never know what destiny has got in store for you. If you could not live up to your own expectations in an interview, there may be better opportunities waiting for you. You get yet another chance to explore your career options. Similarly, a broken relationship may take you towards better people in life.

Take your time

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You can never make wise decisions when you are going through a rough phase of disappointment. Take your time, instead and give yourself a break from it all. If going on a vacation does not seem like a good idea than you may visit your friends or spend some time alone. You can utilize this time to be with your family members who stand by you through thick and thin. Be there and hold on to the thought until the moment you stop feeling as bad as you felt initially.

Look at the broader perspective

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Losing a job or a broken relationship may not be as bad as losing a loved ones. Look around you, people find it hard to make two ends meet and go hungry for days. Losing a home to fire is much more painful than failing an exam. Your may be having a tough time but it is not as bad as it could be, be thankful for what you have in your life.

Feeling disappointed hurts and make you feel bad about yourself. You no longer seem to find hope anywhere; troubles seem bigger than life itself. Confide in your loved ones; take the load off your chest. Try to live in the moment and do not lose heart, as time never remains the same.

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