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6 Preconceived notions of happiness that can make your life difficult

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Happiness is a choice. Those who chose to be happy do not let anything steal their happiness. On the contrary, most others keep waiting for their happy moments all their lives but never really get it. The truth is that you do not need anything else but a strong inner desire to be happy in life.

Things easy to do

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Most of us wish to have a life where things could be easier but it is a mere misconception. Achievement makes you happy but it has to come from difficult things. However, it is also true that you should set realistic goals in life so that you can eventually achieve them. Achievement of your goals would be rather disappointing if you do not utilize all your skills and give your best. You do not feel happy until you show your best to all others around you. People acknowledge you when you try something difficult that most people fail to achieve.

To be the best among all

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The desire to beat everyone else is hypothetical in itself. You can never attain perfection, as it never really exists. Those who entertain such thoughts usually wish to be the richest that know it all and look appealing. Such people often become victims of stress, anxiety and even depression. On the contrary, those who live life as it comes without comparing themselves with others live a liberating and trouble free life. Your biggest competition is with yourself.

Happiness all around you

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Could you be happy if you have no experience of unhappy moments? No one can be happy all the time. Life gets monotonous when you do not find a change in your life. Learn to embrace unhappy moments just the way you greet happiness in your life. No one can be complete without grieves and sorrows. Such feelings help you keep yourself grounded and make you human. Life is never going to be perfect. Steal happy moments of everyday life to keep yourself happy.

Control over everything and everyone

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You cannot control everything and everyone around you. Learn to take it easy as must help yourself to realize your dreams. You can work wonders if you shift your focus from those things that are uncontrollable to those that are in your control. Learn to live life as it comes. Let go off the desire to control, as it may prove toxic in the end. Life does not give you what you desire the most but gives you what you need the most.

Desire to keep everyone happy

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No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep others happy, as each individual is different. What makes you happy may not be someone else’s idea of happiness. Those who do not value themselves always fail to live a contented life. Remember that your own happiness is above everything else and you must not compromise with that at any cost. You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness, live your life your way.

Idea of perfect time and place

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Those who always seek perfection in their lives can never be truly happy. Most people find their not so perfect past when they look back in time, present seems full of unfortunate incidences and future appears dark. A negative perspective to look at life can never let you appreciate good things. Develop a broader outlook towards life. Life would be full of beautiful surprises if you start looking at the positive aspect of everything. Your troubles in the past only made you a better person, the difficulties of present make you strong and future would certainly realize all your dreams.

As people grow up the amount of their happiness keeps going down dramatically. It is not the result of circumstances but the thoughts they entertain. Life is not as difficult as people make it. Take it easy and live day by day.

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