How to deal with a child with ADHD

Life with an ADHD child can be quite challenging and overwhelming at times. But with knowledge, patience and proper management, you can deal with your child having ADHD.

End your confusions

For any person, parenting a child with ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can be quite confusing. An ADHD child’s disorientation can be very perplexing for the parents they face the large hiatus between what the child is capable of doing and what the child may bot be able to do. This is both confusing and upsetting for most of the parents. Therefore, such parents must read and research more about this learning disorder after their child is diagnosed. Ending this confusion is crucial in dealing with your child’s ADHD. Briefly, most of the children with ADHD are quite smart, know a great deal and have a good reasoning capacity. But the problem comes when they have to read, write or organize their studies. They may appear lazy, but you have to understand that these kids try a lot, in fact they may be working harder than others, it’s the disorder that is making that hyperactive, impulsive and disorganized. So, you must sought out all your confusion related to the development and learning capacities of your child. Sit with the therapist and discuss your queries. Focus more upon what challenges your child may be facing so that you and the therapist can work upon helping the child deal with her/his ADHD symptoms.

Stop accusing and start understanding

Many parents may be overwhelmed by their child’s hyperactive actions and impulsive behavior. They may feel tormented by their disorganization. But scolding or accusing the child for being disorganized or impatient is not the solution. Remember, an ADHD child is extremely sensitive. Therefore, shower your love over the child. Make sure that your child knows that you love him and care for him. Start making small changes in your daily routine so that you can help the child get more organized. You can help the child keep her/his room clean by supervising the child everyday. For a kid with ADHD, adhering to instructions can be difficult, so you have to be more patient and repeat the instructions calmly and lovingly so that your child can slowly learn them and act in an organized manner. Believe in your child and believe in yourself. Focus on particularly changes at a time so that you don’t have to deal with too many things at a particular moment.

Basic lifestyle changes

As a parent, you must intervene in your child’s lifestyle and make certain changes that will help to reduce his hyperactivity. Apart from the medications prescribed by your psychiatrist, the right choice of food can help you to deal with your child’s ADHD. A child with ADHD must avoid sugar, fried food, carbonated drinks and junk foods as they lead to an increase in child’s hyperactivity. Also, use of dairy products should be minimized. Processed foods like juices and white bread should also be avoided. Instead, the child must be given fresh, organic foods, right amount of proteins, foods with vitamins, roughage and raw vegetables. Apart from this, a child with ADHD must be given plenty of time to play and exercise. This will help your child burn the energy that makes him hyperactive. This will also allow your child to have uninterrupted sleep that will help the child to be more attentive the next day.

Give your child the freedom to choose

Children with ADHD have hard time in learning through the traditional ways of teaching. They have problems in making notes, have poor handwriting and face difficulties in completing assignments. In such cases, you must find creative ways of helping your child to stay focused in studies. You can talk to the school counselor and principal who can allow your child to use verbal methods to discuss his assignments, or make presentations if the child is a little older. Give your child a pencil with rubber grip so that his handwriting improves. Give five minutes break to the child after he has studied for an hour. Help the child in developing organizational skills and have a consistent format for all assignment sheets. Assist the child to keep things in place. Give your child the freedom to decide what time he will study and what time he will play. Also, allow your child to choose activities that keep him more attentive like music, dance or painting.

Behavioral therapy approach

Your child’s therapist will help your child to develop behavior that will help him to be more organized and patient. At the same time, you can also use the behavioral approach of positive and negative reinforcement to help your child change unacceptable behavior. For instance, if your child sits calmly at the dinner tables and does not fidgets for a whole week, you can treat him with his favorite dessert. Similarly, if the child doesn’t displays impulsive behavior, then you can appreciate him to help him continue such behavior. For instance, if your child waits and asks for his turn on the swing, then you can appreciate him by saying, ‘I like that you waited for your turn.’ This positive reinforcement can help your child to develop acceptable, non-impulsive behavior. Similarly, when the child display impulsive behavior, or throws tantrums, then you must comfort your child and state him calmly that his behavior was wrong. If the child is repeatedly unable to keep his things in place, then you can take away his favorite toy and ask him to clean and organize things if he wants back the toy. By giving a consequence to his actions, you can help him control his hyperactive and impulsive behavior. This can be applied in school settings and studies to help the child become more attentive. In these ways you can deal with a child with ADHD.

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