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How to deal with a bridezilla


Dealing with a bridezilla is not an easy task because bridezillas are unreasonable, easily irritated, and a complete nightmare to deal with. Follow these simple tips to deal with a bridezilla.

Understand her feelings

Try to understand why your happy go lucky friend has suddenly turned into this selfish, self absorbed and irrational girl. It is very natural for a girl who is just a few days away from her wedding to behave in this manner. Instead of getting irritated or feeling hurt about the way the bridezilla is treating you, keep in mind her true nature. Understand that it is only the anxiety of the wedding and of starting a new life that is scaring her. She will return to her normal self once the wedding is over.

Let her be the center of attention

The wedding is the biggest and most important day of her life and she has every right to feel like a princess. Give her all the attention you can and shower her with compliments. Don’t talk even a little about yourself; instead make it a point to cater to all her needs and make her feel like the most important and beautiful girl in the world. Be there for her 24×7 and keep reassuring her that wedding will take place smoothly. Take her mind off her worries about the wedding and just concentrate on making her feel special.

Ignore her activities

In the end, admit to yourself that nothing you do would probably be good enough for her on her D day. Ignore her harsh comments and try to seek comfort in other family members and friends. Even if her behavior has been so bad that it has become unbearable, don’t confront her then and there. Wait until after the wedding is over and she will return to being her usual self and understand your feelings better. Also remember that you too may also act like a bridezilla on your wedding, so give her the benefit of doubt and take it in your stride.

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