How to deal with a break up in middle school

It’s never easy to leave someone. Whatever be the reason, it can turn all your life upside down. But this is a part of our life and life goes on. Time does heal everything. Here are some tips to deal with a break up in middle school.

Don’t go through this alone

Never stay alone. Try to stay with people whom you love, with whom you can share things and people who understand you and make you happy. The more you try to engage yourself with people around, the more easy it will be for you to forget the pain. Whenever you feel lonely or miss the person, share the feelings with your best friend or family if you can do that. It will definitely lessen the hurt. And if you are unable to do so, write a diary and express whatever you are feeling at that point of time.


Take care of yourself

Take some time out for yourself from your daily schedule. Do activities which makes you calm and soothes you. Go for walk, games or do yoga. It’ll refresh your mind. And keep in mind, while doing such activities, try not to think anything. Instead listen to good songs. Slow songs will make you sad. Hang out with your friends and go to parties. Try to explore new interests and activities. Having fun and doing your favorite hobbies will help you enjoy life, rather than crying for the past.

Learn important lessons

In such type of situations, you get an opportunity to grow and learn. You grow into a matured and stronger person afterwards. Firstly, accept the fact that you need to get over and acknowledge the things. Learn from your mistakes and understand what went wrong and promise yourself that it will not happen again. You need to be honest with yourself during this part of the healing process.

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