How to deal with mood swings

The human brain constantly gets the inputs from the external world through the sensory organs. It is any one of these inputs which is responsible for altering your thoughts and thus results in a mood swing. Here are some tips to deal with mood swings.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

A healthy body helps us in maintaining a healthy mind. Regular work outs proved to be a way to combat mood swings. A work out for at least 15 minutes a day. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, jogging, cycling or even swimming. Any thing would do. Have a balanced diet and stay away from smoking and drinking. A strict time table must be set and followed. Have a good 6-8 hours of sleep. Aromapathy, ayurvedic medicines proved to be effective some times.


Keep yourself occupied

Having a tight schedule in a systematic manner leaves you with very less chance to think about anything other than the work on hand. When the routine is fixed your mind will be preoccupied with things and this can help you in dealing with mood swings. Channelize your energy in a proper direction. Pursue a hobby you always had in the back of your mind and work on it. Organize work in such a manner that you enjoy every minute of it and plan in such a way that you can avoid last minute peer pressures. Having goals in life makes it more meaningful . Have some short term goals and have a vision.


Socialize with people

Avoid being a recluse. Talk to people, share your feelings and have a blast!! Talk to your friends and your life partner and share your feelings. Every body needs a break from routine. Spend quality time with your loved ones and your friends. Plan a tour or a camp. Get physically and mentally rejuvenated. Do not work on week ends. work hard on the week days and party hard on the week ends.

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