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How to deal with betrayal

How to deal with betrayal

Betrayal or abandonment is the feeling of rejection and one of those distasteful truth which hits every individual at some point or other in their life. It is often described as violation of trusts and its results are annihilating. It’s never easy to cope with betrayal but it is something which can be overcome by harnessing your inner optimism, self belief and motivation. Read on for some of the effective ways to fight out betrayal.

Find a way out

Betrayal is tough to handle but it is rightly phrased that “Where there is will, there is way”. There is a way out of this painful sphere as well, you just need to work it out. Facing the emotions and penning down all that you can extract from your inside greatly helps. Cry, if it provides relief and let all anguish and feelings of hurt separate from you. Find a way out by confronting all the issues that led to betrayal. Be determined and back yourself to come out of the whole experience of betrayal. Don’t hold back on revenge. Display some maturity and learn the art to forget and forgive. Program yourself by making constructive use of your emotions and move on. Don’t allow distress to swallow you. There will be moments in which you will relapse but be patient. Seek the services of a counselor, psychotherapist whenever necessary.

Stay away from negative thoughts and build courage

Negative thoughts adds to the pain of betrayal and forces into depression as it closes the door to exit. It’s very easy to blame yourself for all the happenings of the event or resort to self destructive practices to mollify the stress and pain. But unfortunately that will not help you out. Motivate yourself, gather some patience and be positive in your approach. Though betrayal is a tough experience but it equips you with better understanding of relations which play a vital role in the journey of life ahead. It is rightly said that positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen, rather it is about accepting that whatever happens will be the best. Build some courage and acknowledge that betrayal is a part of life and everyone has to face it at some point of time in their life. It’s how you cope with it determines what you are in future.

Adopt a healthy schedule

Focus on your mental health as there exists a close connection between physical and mental well being. Include activities like exercising, dancing, swimming a part of your daily routine. Start a hobby and do all that which yields enjoyment for you. Be active and adopt a healthy schedule by eating light nutritious meals, drinking a lot of water and having regular sleeps. Add excitement to your life by surrounding yourself with motivational outlets and positive people. Learn the art of meditation and opt for laughter therapy. These will relax your mind and aid you in forgetting all betrayal incidents. Focus on your personal growth, appearance and development. Find yourself again, recognize your importance and live a healthier life.

Set goals and celebrate your progress

Be futuristic and find a real purpose of your life. Write down all the things which you want to accomplish. Plan it out and start working towards it. Redirect your mind towards these productive purposes. It will not just help you in forgetting all painful incidents of betrayal but will also provide you the chance of making your life better. It would make you valuable for others and will invite new relations, thus paving a better path to recovery. Strive for success so that nobody dares to betray you.

Also don’t forget to celebrate any progress or changes you make in any sphere of your life as happiness is the key to alleviate stress and pain. It will also ensure your mental fitness and will make you a hub of positive energy which will attract others to you.

Trust new relations

Trusting new relations is quite difficult, particularly after tasting the flavor of betrayal. It degrades your confidence and trust in any relation. It raises unnecessary suspicion and you constantly start questioning your judgements. But take the risk and face your fears. You need to accept the fact that the journey of life cannot continue being alone. Plan your time with family, friends and colleagues. They could serve as listening ears and provide all sorts of motivation and encouragement. There will be newer relations inviting you and you must go along with them. This is the best way not just for fighting out the stress and pain of betrayal but also for living a healthier and happier life.

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