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How to deal with anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is a complex eating disorder where people fear weight gain and go for self starvation. They appear as skeletons. Read on to know how can one deal with anorexia.

Admit you have a problem

The first and foremost step to deal and recover from anorexia is to admit that you are suffering from it. Until this time you must be with the idea that life will be much better and you will feel good and proud if you lose weight and become thin.

The first step you must take to recover from anorexia is that you should strongly admit that you have a problem. However, admission is a tough task. Even after severe denial if you finally accept the reality, it still becomes hard to let go off old habits. It is always possible to get out of the problem if you are motivated and have a strong will.

Talk to someone, ask for help

The goals for a young woman with anorexia are to improve her body image, self-esteem and to address other emotional issues. People with anorexia usually suffer other problems in life like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. You can discuss and explore your psychological issues with your clinical psychologist.

However, these are not going to trouble you for life if you take the initiative to get over it. You can visit a therapist where you can confidentially discuss your needs, goals, and your understanding of the eating problem.

Family therapy can also prove beneficial for you. After all, nobody cares and understands you more than your family members. Talk to people you are close to in your family, discuss issues with them, ask for their help. They will surely help you and will be more than happy to extend their helping hand to you.

Stay away from people, places and activities that trigger your obsession of being thin

Stop looking at yourself for hours in mirror and worry about your weight. Avoid people or friends who constantly speak to you about losing weight and demoralize you.

One way to recover from this is to read good books that insist on keeping up the good health rather unhealthy methods of becoming thin. Join health clubs or group sessions where you are not judged by your weight but are motivated to be healthy and happy in life.

Find a specialist, address health problems

Anorexia can be really fatal if you are extremely underweight. You will fall into the danger zone even if you fast or skip a meal occasionally. So to be on safe side you must visit a doctor for complete medical evaluation. If after the evaluation and examination it is revealed that you have health issues, then they need to be treated immediately. You need to be hospitalized for your safety if you are diagnosed with any life threatening problem.

Eating disorder like anorexia can easily be recovered from, if you approach the right health care professionals. Ask your family doctor to refer you to a health care professional who specializes in dealing with anorexia cases.

Make a long term treatment plan

Once your health issues are resolved, you need to focus on long term management. You should go for a team approach which should consist of your family doctor, psychiatrist, nutritionist, social worker, friends and family members. Once the team is set, work towards treatment plan that meets your particular needs.

Usually anorexia long term treatment plan includes group therapy, nutrition counseling, family therapy, psychological counseling, medical monitoring and regular follow ups.

The treatment program will only succeed if the root cause is removed and not just the symptoms. The person with anorexia must cooperate completely and be positive throughout the program.


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