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How to deal with down syndrome

Down’s syndrome is caused due to the presence of an extra inherited chromosome (47 instead of the usual 46) and the condition can be diagnosed soon after birth itself. Children suffering from this syndrome usually show a lag in language development and have mild mental retardation, usually during the initial years. One can cope up well with down syndrome by following the below mentioned means.

Learn to adjust and accept the periods of transition

Families, who have a member with down syndrome need to adapt, put extra-efforts to meet the demands, especially during periods of transition like schooling, adolescence, etc. Parents and other members feel stressed out while learning to cope with the challenges faced during such periods. It is important to be optimistic, patient in these testing times. Good understanding between family members, support through friends immensely help to tide over this phase smoothly and to bring in hope for times of elation and happiness.

Seek medical help, suggestions from a team of trusted professionals on important issues

Parents dealing with such children often face problems regarding the child’s education, health, treatment options, etc. In all these situations, family members can rely on trusted clinicians, therapists and other specialists so as to take important decisions. These professionals can be of invaluable help as they will evaluate and guide you with a customized approach and may also inform you about informative programs, therapy sessions for your child. Periodic visits to the specialist doctors may be required for routine check-up of your child, so as to manage the condition better. Nutritionists and other therapy professionals can be contacted for more information and guidance regarding your child’s diet and other activities.

Join support groups or meet families dealing with similar issues

Interacting with people facing similar challenges greatly helps to deal with the condition, as experiences are shared and new solutions can be tried. You will also have the advantage of having people to support you at emotional level. You can enroll yourself in support groups for sharing more information so as to meet the demands in bringing up the child with down syndrome.

Attend counseling sessions, if feelings of isolation, depression is surrounding you while dealing with such challenges. The specialist may suggest better ways to deal with such conditions.

Equip yourself with the right information about the syndrome

As a family member, it is important that you educate yourself with correct information about the condition so as to develop, adopt new ways to deal with affected person. Study the affected person’s behavior, needs thoroughly so as to understand and better manage those troublesome times. Don’t fall prey to misinformation regarding where to educate your child, his or her activities etc. The right person to guide you is only the specialist who treats your child.

People with down syndrome can as well attend normal schools, have work, perform other activities but with little support from family members and need not to be segregated.

Invest time, put efforts to strengthen family ties and develop a supportive family

Many people suffering from this syndrome perform well in many fields mainly because of their supportive families. This is a fact which has been recognized and confirmed by professionals who provide their services for people with down syndrome. A family oriented strategy is what is suggested by them when they evaluate the specific needs of such people affected by the condition. Parents can provide the same physical care, education, fun activities and emotional support as given to other siblings. It is important to encourage them to perform to their potential. Family support is the driving force and it plays a very important role in the life of people affected by such disorders.

Other suitable treatments like educational or vocational mode of therapies which mainly work to improve the developmental level of the individuals suffering from such disorders can be given with the help of professionals so as to make them more productive and to improve their quality of life. Alternative therapies through diet restrictions, other techniques, intake of supplements can be helpful for some but there is no proof which confirms the same. So, it is important to consider all aspects before opting for such treatments.

Even though children suffering from such syndromes lag in some areas and require additional support, a reassuring fact is that they can still lead a nearly normal life as far as their work, relationships are concerned. Adequate support and understanding from family members help in improving the quality of life especially in their professional or work life and to improve their ability to work independently.

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